Hogwarts Legacy delayed to 2022

Officially announced an hour or so ago.

Seems brash for a game that’s been playable a couple of years. I wonder if it’s Covid, development issues, JK Rowling’s sullied reputation, a strategic move to release concurrent with the new Fantastic Beasts or a combination therein.

Don’t have a problem with this at all. I’m actually a little bit happy to be honest, because there are a lot of games I want to buy this year, and with this one being pushed to 2022, I can use the money I would’ve spent on this game this year on another game instead. I liked what I saw of the game and I’m excited to see more when they’re ready to share.

I believe the whole Cyberpunk fiasco has put a warning above every pubisher’s head, making them give more time to the developers.

That’s the only thing I can think of that would justify a delay after only four months of the game’s announcement.


Cyberpunk was WB too in North America. I’m sure they weren’t so happy about that even if CDPR took the lion’s share of the blame.

Delay doesn’t bother me at all. I was expecting this to be an October/November game but now, it looks like that might be reserved for Gotham Knights.

My game list is already stacked for 2021 so if a few games get delayed to 2022, better for everyone including me.

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Next few months will have a lot of announcements like this i’d imagine.

I been saying after halo got delayed that more were coming

2021 is going to be the year of backlog catch-up and I am completely cool with that!


Kinda expected this tbh.

Gee Halo could possibly one of the biggest games this year because I expect a lot of games to be delayed.


Definitely, I’ve been saying God of War Ragnarok is a 2022 game (at the ealiest) ever since it’s been announced. Wouldn’t surprise me if other Sony games were delayed to 2022.

We still have no idea what Nintendo has coming out this year.