Hogwarts Legacy coming in 2021 to Xbox Series X|S

For those curious, #HogwartsLegacy will be available for PS5, PS4, PS4 Pro, the Xbox One family of devices, including Xbox Series X and Xbox One X, and PC.

This was definitely my favorite announcement from the PS5 event! I am so excited for this game! Looked amazing.

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Looks okay. The little snippets of game-play showed didnt look that smooth.

Im not even a Harry Potter fan, but I am looking forward to seeing more of this. :slight_smile:

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My kid is going to explode when she sees this

No interest in Harry Potter but looked real good. WB Games has been on a tear as of late with this game, Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights. Plus, they’re publishing Cyberpunk 2077 in NA.

I don’t know if I can support this due to JK Rowling :frowning:


I don’t condone her views but im not gonna let that ruin the game for me

Not interested at all but cool trailer

Wrong topic

What do you mean? :slight_smile:

This is the biggest game ever for Avalanche Software. I love Harry Potter but I will not fall on the hype train because of the developer. Just hoping it’s not some licensed crap like they did before.

I posted something im here that was meant for a different topic. So i edited my post to that. Your thread is fine

Glad to see this game is confirmed for current gen hardware as well, dont have to buy a next gen console for this game

was really impressed with the looks of this not a harry potter fan myself but this really did look stunning

Didn’t look too bad, though I can’t say Harry Potter interests me in 2021.

I tend to agree, separate the artist from their views and all. However, the HP universe has this whole negative feel around it and there are just tons of other games to play.

Do we now know for sure this is a story based game, single-player and not like MMO or anything? It sure looked like the former, which I am so down with! A month ago or so my cinema started playing all the HP movies again and I went to see them all, still great stuff!

Some parts in this trailer looked a bit choppy, like that bridge or walkway part, unless that was intentional.

Game looks great, hyped for this

Well she obviously has some shitty views but she’s pretty much the only billionaire to have given away most of her fortune to charity, besides if we boycotted everything that causes some hurt and pain to people, we wouldn’t be buying any electronics, or even food in some cases.

True, you never know what views the people have. I’m not going all boycott or whatever and I will probably play it with gamepass if it goes there, but her views just put a huge damper on wanting to play this.