HITMAN 3: How stunning this game Is?

Guys, i’m playing Hitman 3 on PC Gamepass and i didn’t know this game Is so beautiful. Gameplay with episodic campaign Is really fin. But what leave me breathless Is the graphic: which engine IOI used for this game? I’m playing with maximum setting on 4k resolution (monitor LG27950 144, HDR VESA 600) and on a 3080 graphic card.

I captured some videos with GeForce experience app.

Please look at them on 4k.

IOI have to be a XBOX studio. They could became the new Insomniac. Come on MS, don’t make the same mistake you done with BioWare.


Hitman franchise is one of the best stealth franchises ever made (if not the best). IOI use their own engine, the Glacier engine. And yes I agree, they should be part of XGS.

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Agree. I think IOI are so underrated from a technical perspective. The Dartmoor level is gorgeous

(not my screens)

It’s an extremely clean looking game, and reserved in the best way.

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The lighting, both in the skyscraper and in China, is spectacular

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