HIGH ON LIFE | 9-TORG FIGHT (Uncensored)

Yes. I went out of my way to find the uncensored version, lol.


Had this been the trailer they showed at Xbox last June I wouldn’t have been sold, but luckily we had a much better one in June. And the new gameplay bits they showed during the PC Game Pass segment were great too.

I’m sure the boss fight will be fun, but as a gameplay reveal not all that.

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Thank you, @SuikerBrood!

Toilet humor or no, I went from humorously curious to genuinely interesed.

It’s nice to see some adult(ish) oriented silliness to break up the doom and gloom or E for Everyone games. :grin:

The knife lol.

I like the adult, silly humour. Looking forward to playing it.

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Not vibing with this personally. Too much happening visually and audibly with a brand of humor I don’t much like. Reminds me of Journey to the Savage Planet in some ways btw.

I can see that, as Journey to the Savage Planet reminded me of Rick & Morty comedy style somewhat. That and JttSP being on GamePass is what got me to try it out. Fun game. I even bought it when it left GamePass and I was maybe 50% through the story.

I’m in for Day One on High On Life, even before it was verified to be on GamePass.