High on Life: 25 Minutes of Gameplay | gamescom 2022

Get a look at 25 minutes of murderous goo, sad aliens, and a lot of filthy language, as we dive into one of High on Life’s early missions.


Looking forward to this a lot. Jez mentioned lots of humor, which is to be expected but also Bulletstorm, and that’s really cool to hear. I have only watched very brief parts of footage of this game because I rather just go in fresh, same as with Plague Tale Requiem.

Does this look like it has an overworld structure to anyone else?

Holy shit, the language in this game!!! Looks like a blast to play!!

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This looked great! The comedy style really works for me. Visual style seems really great too.


So I originally asked this but now it turns out not only does it have an overworld structure, it’s a straight up metroidvania! From an interview with Justin Roiland:

Although I’m still “meh” about the brand of humor, I’ll always give any 3D metroidvania a shot. So, NICE!