High on Life: 25 Minutes of Gameplay | gamescom 2022

Get a look at 25 minutes of murderous goo, sad aliens, and a lot of filthy language, as we dive into one of High on Life’s early missions.


Looking forward to this a lot. Jez mentioned lots of humor, which is to be expected but also Bulletstorm, and that’s really cool to hear. I have only watched very brief parts of footage of this game because I rather just go in fresh, same as with Plague Tale Requiem.

Does this look like it has an overworld structure to anyone else?

Holy shit, the language in this game!!! Looks like a blast to play!!

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This looked great! The comedy style really works for me. Visual style seems really great too.


So I originally asked this but now it turns out not only does it have an overworld structure, it’s a straight up metroidvania! From an interview with Justin Roiland:

Although I’m still “meh” about the brand of humor, I’ll always give any 3D metroidvania a shot. So, NICE!


The game looks to be 10-12 hours in length.

“Obviously, it depends on how much of a completionist you are as a player, but our average for just the ‘main story’ of the game is between 10-12 hours of gameplay. But with all the collectibles and side content you can easily spend between 20-25 hours playing.”


Sounds perfect to me, I get the feeling this will be worth playing far more for the writing than the gameplay - it’s probably better suited to a shorter experience.


Very excited for that game and I’m staying away from any new footage. 10-12 hours sounds great!


Below is the full interview. It’s well worth a read for anyone looking forward to this game. The “warp-base” feature intrigues me.

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True Achievements have an interview up with Squanch:

A couple of things I like the sound of:

It sounds as though High On Life is happy for us to take matters into our own hands when it comes to gameplay. “High On Life also gives licence to the player to decide much of their own path,” Halpern explains. “As the silent protagonist, you’ll play as an intergalactic bounty hunter navigating the galaxy hunting various alien enemies. Depending on which bounties you choose to hunt in which order, you’ll unlock different technology to use throughout the game. Not only that, if you revisit each world after earning new weapons and skills, you’ll be able to unlock additional content.”

“While there are definitely the standard, expected achievements that will guide players through major in-game accomplishments, we’re Squanch Games, so of course you can expect a ton of bizarre and humour-driven achievements to pop up on the roster,” Halpern says.

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Not only that, if you revisit each world after earning new weapons and skills, you’ll be able to unlock additional content.”

Yep, my metroidvania sense are tingling :eyes:

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Sounds really cool! I can’t wait to play this game.

There was a tweet last week that said the game has a ton of content.

I really want to play this.


“Metroid Prime is the overall theme we were going for,” Spano tells Digital Trends. “We had the limitation of a smaller team, so we thought we couldn’t do this huge interconnected world. So we kind of fell into doing more of a structure like Metroid Prime 2: Echoes where you have a hub — which in that one is your ship and in our game is the house. So from there, you can go to different planets that are all connected through the house, but they’re not connected to each other.”

While the humor seems like it’ll be a polarizing point for players, what Squanch is doing with its core gameplay philosophy should be a bit more universally appealing. The slice I played showed off a well-built first-person adventure game with strong gunplay that can go as deep or casual as you want. Its Metroid Prime, Doom Eternal, and Sunset Overdrive (two key team members worked on the latter) influences all mesh together in ways that might surprise the skeptics.


That sounds great. I have a feeling this one is going to be a big pleasant surprise.

What an amazing combination of games!