Hide Public Profile Issue

In Account settings under Interface a user can elect to select the option to “Hide my Public Profile and Presence features”.

However, this appears to cause an unintended effect as while the Profile can no longer be selected and will no longer show any information to other users whether signed in or not, the other users also can no longer interact with that Profile to either mute or ignore it. Effectively this option allows users to prevent their accounts from being muted or ignored by other users.

It may not be possible or easy, but the mute or ignore options should ideally be able to be interacted with on every user account, regardless of if the account in question has enabled the option to hide their public Profile.


Thank you for the feedback! We will need to investigate the issue and see how we can improve mute/ignore options for our members.


You guys do an awesome job here, and I know it’s always very difficult to find fringe issues like this, particularly when testing or primarily interacting with the site on an admin account.

While not ideal, there is a workaround. You can add users to your muted or ignored lists directly from your own settings.


Great pointer, hadn’t noticed you could do that. That seems to work even for users who have made their Profile non-public so that seems to be a perfect workaround.

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Awesome. I didn’t know for this option either. Thank you!

@Mesiac Can this work for you?


Yes, I’ve tested it and it works for any user, regardless of if they have chosen to hide their profile or not. Thanks for all the help everyone!

Great! As @Gavin reminded me, the Discourse dev team is focused to bring more features for discussions, not avoiding them. So, some of these ‘blocking’ options are not ‘easy’ to find cause the core idea is that through conversation, the community should overcome any differences, not just outright block/mute someone. It’s like this: Let’s talk, and if we really don’t want to see anything from some user or users - then there are options to deal with it.

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