Here’s a first look at Microsoft’s xCloud for the web

Microsoft has started testing its xCloud game streaming through a web browser. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s Xbox plans tell The Verge that employees are now testing a web version of xCloud ahead of a public preview. The service allows Xbox players to access their games through a browser, and opens up xCloud to work on devices like iPhones and iPad.


The pieces are slowly coming together as to Microsoft’s overall strategy for gaming. This is a big deal and once it is released along with the Series X server blades and a lower cost ‘only streaming tier’ for Gamepass is when I expect Gamepass to explode in subscription numbers.


I will not be shocked if we see the new majority of Xbox Game pass subscribers in the future are going to be from web browser users , Because I think that the best and most popular way to play games will be through smart Tv and computer browser

Not just you, but Microsoft also expects that,hence why they keep mentioning 3 billion gamers they are targeting, the vast majority are not going to buy a console or have a gaming capable PC. This is why I believe Microsoft will eventually offer a streaming only option for Gamepass that is lower priced since it would open up much more of the market for Gamepass.

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Now, they need to bring Game Pass and xCloud to other regions.

I think they mentioned that for this Spring, with Japan included.

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Good to see, now I can finally use xCloud on PC. It works well on Android, but I simply don’t like playing on such a small screen.

No, $15 a month is too much for Microsoft to reach the amount of people they want. A big reason why Netflix has reached 200 million subscribers is due to the fact there is a low cost version for people to subscribe to.

They also need a decent controller.

So using the Stadia model where consumers have to buy everything they want to play?

No. I understood you and I am agreeing with you lol. The only way to get cloud gaming is to pay $15 a month and that is too much.

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Maybe to start off. But at some point xCloud will be offering exactly the same content as either “GamePass for Console” or “GamePass for PC”, so it would have to increase in price to either of those two offerings, which is $10 a month.

What I’d like is to have xCloud expand beyond only offering GamePass games to stream. I want to be able to stream all the games I already own or new ones I bought too. That’s probably a few years out. Might be longer depending on the legal implications of streaming with the game contracts.

Indeed. We often think of Gamepass and xCloud to be synonymous when they don’t have to be.

Like Stadia, xCloud could offer game purchases. It could offer free to play games where you spend money on microtransactions through your Xbox Live account.

xCloud essentially gives you an Xbox on the Cloud. You can then buy games, play FTP games, or access hundreds of games through GamePass.

For pricing simplicity, and this just my opinion, I feel like you can give it a price independent of other services. $2.99 a month for your own Cloud Xbox. You can buy games for it through the store, like $60 for Halo Infinite and $5 a month for Gold to play online. You could pay FTP titles like Fortnite and pay for skins through its store (where MS takes their cut). Or you can subscribe to various Gamepass teirs, with the best value being Gamepass Ultimate which takes care of the xCloud fee, the Gold fee, AND offers games like Halo Infinite on day 1.

When will they be moving to series x server blades?

Supposedly the first half of this year, but no one except those who can’t talk about it can be certain because of the manufacturing limitations on getting the main consoles out the door.

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