Help setting up my tv correctly

First off I want to say I didn’t really know where to post this so if it need moves somewhere just let me know.

I have a Samsung Q70T QLED TV and I can’t seem to get games to run at 120fps. I know my tv runs at 120htz and I also know it’s not capable of doing 4K at the same time which isn’t a big deal because most games can’t do that anyway. I can’t seem to get Cold War to let me switch to 120 even though I’ve changed the settings in the Xbox itself. I also don’t think I’m getting 120 on MCC? Unless MCC is campaign only for the 120, I’ve just played multiplayer so far. Any help would be great.

I can’t help much but I have a basic 32in Samsung TV and I just switched to Game Mode and it auto detects and sets everything for the box. Give it a shot if you can

Yea I have that going. I’ve also tried turning it off but had no luck there either.