Help. I may have lost my series X directly from the Microsoft store

So I think I may miss the Series X launch after all. I ordered the series X day one after much gnashing of teeth and finally got through. I received the confirmation email with a link to view or manage my order. However, If I click on the link now, it says they can’t find my order. I have called support and haven’t gotten it resolved. Was told that I need to wait until they open orders again because they changed the release date (aka the guy I spoke to didn’t know what was going on). Any one have any ideas of how I can resolve this?

There have been many reports of this that I have seen. It appears to be an issue on MS’s side, but the order isn’t actually canceled. From what I’ve seen, they are aware of the issue and are trying to resolve it. As long as you received the email originally, your order should still be in their system, it’s just not showing correctly. Others with this issue have confirmed with support that their order is still present on Microsoft’s end. So you should be fine.

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Ok, thank goodness I have clutching my pearls all afternoon. Be so frustrated if the ordered for cancelled out of the blue.

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Yeah, I get the anxiety, I’m really looking forward to launch as well. Just one more month!