Hear Me Out: Xbox Toys-To-Life

Kotick :face_vomiting: mentioned that he had talks with Phil about bringing back Skylanders.

Skylanders was HUGE during the peak TTL craze of the 360 era that crashed due to over saturation. It’s been two console generations now and those kids are now older feeling nostalgic for the past.

Think about it: Xbox Toys-To-Life.

Xbox has TONS of IP now from Activision, Blizzard, Xbox and Bethesda that you could turn into a slighty edgier Toys-To-Life game.

How would that work with GamePass you ask? Easy!

The game releases with a “Core Set” that includes three reps from each company:

  • Crash / Spyro
  • Master Chief / Raz / Banjo
  • Doom Slayer / Vault Boy / Commander Keen

They’re free to play and download. Individual characters could be bought as DLC digitally OR sold as Toys-To-Life in stores indiviudally or as Booster Packs.

The Portal would be included in the “Booster Core” set which would include other characters, and then individual characters would be sold.

Also you could make old Skylanders figures BC to ease older collectors back or something.

Gameplay would be a more E10 to Teen rated style of gameplay that’s a little more combat heavy but cartoonish enough that it kind of negates that some of the characters come from M-Rated games.

It didn’t hurt with Amiibos from games like Bayonetta.

What do you think?

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they need to invest more in hardware, new controller to support these features…etc this would take time. it’s not something MS would want to focus on it right now

you would get your toys in MS Upcoming metaverse :phil_lmao: :phil_lmao:

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I enjoyed collecting Amiibo. I have about 25 of them. Just keep the toys $10 and i say yes. I have a 6 year old son and it would be fun to play a Xbox toys to life game together. As a gamer dad I often buy him cheap video game toys anyways, they may as well be used in an actual game.