Heads Up: It appears that OG Xbox & Xbox 360 Games with Gold games aren’t “Owned” games if claimed using the new Xbox store

Usually OG Xbox & Xbox 360 games when claimed, are under the “Owned” games section of the full library. But “Armed and Dangerous”, the new OG Xbox game that’s currently a Games with Gold tiltle, was not under “Owned”, it was under “Games with Gold” games in the full library.

If this is the new normal, it looks like we have lost the ownership of OG Xbox & Xbox 360 games that are claimed through Games with Gold unfortunately.

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One thought is Gold as we know it is going away and this may be an indicator of that.

That’s possible or it be that the new store is intelligent enough to determine OG Xbox & Xbox 360 ownership based on subscriptions.

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Yeah, I think this is the likely answer. They seem to have the backends integrated now, so they can treat OG and 360 games just like one games. Not much of a loss in my opinion with how games with gold has been going.

Except with Games with Gold the Xbox/Xbox 360 games have been “yours to keep” from the beginning of this gen. The only titles that are supposed to be subscription based are the Xbox One games.


I kinda figured moving everything over might cause this which is why I still grab them on 360…


I didn’t notice this. I hope it’s just a mistake.

Good call. I’ll be doing this moving forward.

Yeah, found this one out the hard way

We should make some noise about it, this is not acceptable. The official Xbox pages still claim that Xbox 360 GWG are yours to keep, and that also used to be the case for OG Xbox titles. This is likely a bug introduced by the move to the new store, but even if that’s the case, we should let them know so that it could be fixed.

For what it’s worth, you can still redeem Armed and Dangerous on Xbox 360, even if you’d already done it on Xbox One, but it remains marked as GWG on Xbox One, and available to buy to own (a similar thing happened to me today when I bought Monster Boy, an Xbox One game that’s also on Game Pass - the option to buy to own remained, but at least when I clicked on it, the store told me that I already owned it, which is not what happens with Armed and Dangerous). Maybe if one would let the subscription run out, the state on the Xbox One would change to owned, but I won’t be able to check that for at least a few months.

I completely agree, but oddly there doesn’t seem to be a lot of people who care.