Headphones for the Xbox Series consoles

Cool comparison of the TB 600 and 700

And he also reviews the Arctis 9

I’m personally going for the Penrose X, heard nothing but good things about the planar drivers and what they can do for sound, when they did Mobius. They’ve redone the entire system this time and stripped the gimmicky head tracking. I can’t wait personally.

I’ll be upgrading from a pair of Sennheiser GSP500 open back.

Are there any good wired ones? Not a fan of wireless.

You can use any wired ones. Don’t even need gaming ones unless you need a mic. Pick the headphones that suit you. Not sure really anything beyond the quality of the set matters. You’re xbox will be processing the audio via windows sonic or Dolby Atmos anyway…

Dutch webshop Bol.com and also Coolbue have the TB Stealth 700 gen 2 now. Both these stores let you properly try them out and if they are not to your liking you can return them for money back or a different pair of headphones or product.

I could do this and demo them on my One X, but at the same time i wonder if i should wait until i have the Tower of Power (XSX) here because that is supposed to have brand new audio tech and features if i’m not mistaken.

Personally I’d look at the Astro A20’s or SteelSeries Wireless 1X over the TBs.

How is Turtle Beach quality these days anyways? I had a few pairs back in the 360 era and they were really unreliable. I picked up a Razer Blackshark V2 Pro the other day and it’s a godsend. Easily the most comfortable headset I’ve ever worn. Unfortunately I think I’ll just have to limit it to my PC and go another route for my Series X.

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I think they are ok but personally very overpriced for what they are.

Years ago I bought the TB Stealth 420x + and it’s still working like a charm. The same can’t be said for their very pricey Elite 800x, when it works it sounds amazing but too often out of the blue there are sound cut offs and sometimes a weird robotic sound even.

I had the Astro A50s and the bass especially seemed underwhelming compared to my TB Elite 800x. I would assume the Astro A50 is better than the 20s? As for the Steelseries, are those completely wireless for Xbox or is there still a cable required to the controller?

Astros are tuned for FPS games and clarity in trebles and mid range. Help you hear footsteps etc. They are definitely less bassy than TB but you want muddled muddy sound or clear and crisp mids? I know which I want.

Essentially TB = beats - they are poor but people think lots of bass is good…

SteelSeries are wireless yes. They use a USB dongle. The 9X are much more expensive but they don’t even need a dongle.

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I am waiting for B&O stuff …

I would but my wife would divorce me…


Personally i don’t care much about hearing footsteps, not that much of a online shooter player. For me i want a balanced sound but i do prefer a powerful bass for gunshots, explosions and such. The Elite 800x can get muddy, but it has a lot of presets and some i find very good.

I also remain curious about Lucidsound headphones. I’ll go check out that Steelseries Wireless. I don’t mind a USB dongle. Just to be sure, did you mean the Steelseries Wireless Arctis 1?

Yep. The Xbox version. Think it’s called 1X . Their series adds x onto Xbox compatible sets. So 1X, 7x etc…

Found it! :slight_smile:

Does anybody know when is B&O revealing their new product?

Just tried updating the firmware on mine so that I would have access to the chat mixer settings in the Xbox OS; after about 90% update got stuck there forever, headset shut itself down and now I can’t even turn it on and sync it with the dongle, effectively bricking the headset permanently. Seems to be a widespread issue online with their wireless headsets as there are several threads on Reddit with the same issue… It’s the Cyberpunk edition that is now out of stock and I know from experience SteelSeries customer service is really bad so I’m really worried.

The headset still works when plugged in though but I bought it to use it wirelessly as I already had other wired headsets. Hopefully I can still exchange it except this time around I won’t update the firmware. It was really bugging me though as more often than not I just couldn’t hear my party chat and had to lower the in game sound on a per game basis and not all games have that option unfortunately, so it sucks that the option is locked behind a firmware update.

Can anyone share how good the mic quality is on the Arctis headsets? From my experience mic quality has been hit or miss on headsets and I need a quality mic with whatever I go with.

It might interest you.