Having trouble with image uploads on mobile


Been having some hiccups when trying to upload pictures on mobile, so far tried Samsung Internet browser and Firefox mobile. Upload gets stuck at 34% and doesn’t progress.

Android version is Android 10.

Is anyone else having similar issues? Would this be due to server load because of Xbox E3?

Thank you.

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Paging @Predrag

Thanks for letting us know!

What is the file size?

Between 250 and 350 KBs, I tried 4 images of this size at the same time, didn’t work. Then only one, also didn’t work.

Hm… and file format? jpeg or png…?


Can you try to upload here any other image, just to test and see?

And you are using Discourse hub app or browser? If browser, which one?

I was able to upload now! It didn’t get stuck at 34%.

I will report back if I ever come into this issue again.

I mainly use Samsung Internet browser, but I tried on Firefox too last night and it wasn’t working.

Yeah, this could be a reason. It’s not very good choice for using web progressive apps like our forum.

I’m using Firefox and no issues. But if you run again into this, please report.

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