Have you ever lost sleep due to excitement for a game release or update?

I can admit I am guilty of this for a certain game series I won’t name… It feels like Christmas morning as a kid whenever a big update or expansion drops.

I struggle to sleep the night before due to excitement.

Anyone else suffer from this ? What tips do you have for people who self induce insomnia from excitement ?

Didn’t you already discuss this in one of the many Destiny 2 threads?

This topic is a broader question about people’s feelings of excitement in general about games, doesn’t have to be about that game.

In the past I’ve even lost sleep due to excitement for Nintendo directs and E3 conferences, but those times have passed

Definitely my Forge addiction. That’s caused all sorts of sleep problems for me.

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Do you lose sleep the night before a new update is released with new forge features ? Just laying there in bed at night tossing and turning at the thought of what new forge objects will allow you to create the maps of your dreams ?

It’s getting quite sad, isn’t it?

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Especially when Destiny 2 sucks!! lol

Again this topic is not about destiny, it’s a general topic about people’s excitement for video games.

I’m glad I got atleast one genuine reply from sik but the rest of you are trolling

Closed per OP’s request

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