Hatsune Miku Logic Paint S is coming to Xbox

Rejoice Xbox weebs!


The debut of the series on Xbox with mini painting game?


It’s a picross game, it’s actually already on Switch.

Strange that this is only coming to PC via Windows Store… Game Pass?

Also strange is no PS version was announced. Did MS really buy this? Lol…

Sad that it isn’t Project Diva though, I really do wanna play one of those. And since Sega has nothing to do with this particular game I doubt buying it will affect anything.

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What’s this? A dancing game?

I do love a Picross game. Have to see how meaty it is to see if it justifies the 11 bucks.

Nah, more like a puzzle game, if you’ve heard of picross before. The mainline games by Sega are excellently reviewed rhythm games though.

I’m seeing a surprising amount of people on social media disappointed it’s not one of those games too. I didn’t think there was interest for this series on Xbox, lol. Even in my predictions of the future of Sega’s IPs under an Xbox acquisitions post I made in the acquisitions thread, I was guessing this series would still be at least allowed on Switch due to low Xbox demand. Maybe I’m possibly wrong there haha.

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