Has xCloud part of GamePass unlocked?

I’m using a Pixel 2XL and checked the Play Store for updates, and so far nothing. Does anyone have access to the XCloud part of the Gamepass app yet?

So excited to try this out at break and lunch today at work! Beta worked great.


Not yet, I guess it’ll be up later today (maybe when they update the weekly quests?)

I’m from brazil and i used VPN to unlock the cloud gaming part

I tested Hellblade and State 2 and the cloud option appeared, but Minecraft Dungeons (the one with touch support) is nowhere to be found

Which VPN did you use?

They updated the games list, but cloud functionality hasn’t been added to the new titles. The titles that were on preview are playable, though (around 30 titles).

Cloud functionality should be added later today as an update, I guess.

This is the Game Pass (Beta) app, by the way.

The Xbox Game Pass App (the green one) just received an update a minute ago! Got all Games now!

Yep just got it! :slight_smile:

Can you actually play them?


And there it is!!! Thanks for the heads up, just missed being able to play at coffee break but now lunch can’t come soon enough!!!

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Yes, it works!

I found Minecraft Dungeons to hard to play with touch controls, some archers just wiped me out easily.

Hellblade, doesn’t seem to have touch controls yet.



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can anyone tell me the version number for the update ? Got a friend waiting for xcloud but can’t find it, I would like to know if he has the correct version or not.


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many thanks :wink:

Used Tunnel Bear here in Fiji to update the app and unlock it. testing Minecraft Dungeons because I’m at work and don’t have my controller with me. Using mobile date and VPN, it works fine. The resolution is a bit grainy and it sometimes jitters. I suppose once it launches here legitimately (if ever) then it would work better. I must say that it runs better than when I tested it during the beta