Harvest Blockout

Much like I did with Foundation, I’m posting this incredibly early! I’m looking to gather feedback and improve the map as we go.

Most importantly I’m searching for a partner to do art with! I don’t have a strong idea for this map visually, so I’m posting in order to reach out to the community and hopefully spark a collaboration.

The map features a full set of spawns, spawn zones, weapons, vehicles so from a gameplay perspective it is complete.

The only thing lacking, is the big white walls!

I’m also 100% willing to re-canvas if someone can come up with a great idea or theme.

To eliminate the elephant in the room, I never shoot for my remakes to have the same visual look as the original. Which is why I’m simply not trying to recreate exactly how harvest looked previously.

To me, Harvest is known as one of the better CTF maps in the franchise, And already (even without them using vehicles) you can have alot of fun playing BotCTF as a solo!

Please enjoy, leave feedback and if you’re an interested level artist, hit me up!


Currently Making Art Passes on this and I can’t wait to share. A super solid accurate blockout I have high expectations for. My efforts will mirror the quality. Puddin also has the best version of Foundation I have seen yet so check that out

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Awesome, Can’t wait to see!

Glad the design is serving well, everyone go make bad ass art on my blockouts!

Foundation, Desolation, Harvest and now Rats Nest! All waiting for awesome level artists