Happy birthday Xbox, and thank you Phil Spencer!

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Xbox. From a relatively recent fan, happy anniversary to this amazing platform, and congratulations to the teams at Xbox and Microsoft for continuing their incredible work to make it the best place to play.

Thank you Phil for the amazing work, effort and positive attitude in the gaming community. Wishing you a ton of success!

When everyone plays, we all win!


Happy birthday Xbox! You help me celebrate every day, so today I celebrate you!

Happy Birthday Xbox.

Thanks to Phil and his wider Xbox team. :slight_smile:

Happy Xbox20 y’all. Here’s my babies, warts and all (as in, I didn’t notice how dirty they were till I took this image lol)

I got the OG in Summer 2005 for my birthday. Got quite a bit of games with it too (IIRC, Halo CE, PGR 1 and 2, Sega GT/JSRF disc, and Amped 2.) It was a used console, but it still works great today, and I made sure to remove the clock capacitor. I remember always asking my dad if he could get me Xbox Live, but I never ended up getting it till the 360, so my OG Xbox life was entirely offline. Still had a great time with it though!

360 I got for Christmas 2007. Halo 3 was the main driving force for me to want one. My first games for it were, of course, Halo 3, and the Forza Motorsport 2/Ultimate Alliance combo pack. That is not my original 360 though… Thanks to good ol RROD, I went through 4 360s in 2 years. The 360 in the pic is a one my dad got me at Walmart in 2009, as he was sick of MS sending shitty refurbs back every RROD lol. Still works great, but it sounds like a swarm of bees when reading a disc, haha.)

The Xbox One I got for Christmas 2013. First game was Dead Rising 3. I overall have mixed feelings on the console, as I’m sure many do. I’m glad it did pave the way for Game Pass, Phil, rebuilding of First Parties, etc, however. I also stuck with it till Series X, so moving from core Xbone to Series X was a massive upgrade for me. This is probably in the worst condition of the 4 consoles. The power button doesn’t work (must use controller to power on/off, the disc drive no longer functions, nor does the sync button, and the USB drives seem to provide low power which often disconnected the hard drive.) Luckily, Series X is just a direct upgrade from the One family, so I have no reason to use this ever again unless I wanna play Kinect games :joy:

Series X was launch day, and I got Yakuza LAD. Game Pass also had me covered. I also just continued playing whatever was in my Xbox One backlog, but with better performance and stuff. I am looking forward to the future of Xbox, it’s looking much brighter than the Xbox One days, that’s for sure!