Halo's "Battle Royale" spin-off is cancelled according to XboxEra's Nick Baker... Except he didn't say that at all!

Originally published at: Halo's "Battle Royale" spin-off is cancelled according to XboxEra's Nick Baker... - XboxEra

You may have seen a bunch of reporting over the last couple of days, stating that the rumoured Project Tatanka, an apparent Halo battle royale spin-off being developed by Certain Affinity in partnership with 343 industries, is apparently cancelled…according to…erm…us?

I’m going to pull a couple of extracts from some well known video game websites – here’s Eurogamer on the topic:

Speaking on the XboxEra podcast, reliable insider Shpeshal_Nick said the game, codenamed Project Tatanka, had seemingly been cancelled.

Halo battle royale reportedly cancelled after years of work | Eurogamer.net

Here’s another, from IGN:

An unannounced Halo Battle Royale was reportedly cancelled, according to XboxEra co-founder Shpeshal_Nick.

Speaking on the XboxEra Podcast, and as reported by Eurogamer, Shpeshal_Nick said the Halo battle royale was no-longer in development. IGN has asked Microsoft for comment.

Unannounced Halo Battle Royale Reportedly Shelved – IGN

What’s hilarious to me, and certainly a big surprise to Nick, is that this was a simple conversation, on the show, where we talking about someone else’s discussion on a podcast. Here’s the show, with a timestamp:

Time Stamp: 02:24:50

What’s even more amusing is I even make a joke about overreactions to a rumoured game rumoured at being cancelled, and that “we don’t know – it’s just the scuttlebutt out there“.

Must be a slow news day.

What’s really depressing in all of this is that we’re discussing someone else’s discussion, and all the headlines at the other end are effectively “Nick Baker reports Tatanka cancelled.” This is factually wrong. If we had corroborated, verifiable evidence and detail on this, I think it’s pretty likely we’d do a report ourselves. We don’t, so we haven’t. There’s a reason it’s just a discussion on the podcast.

The thirst for clicks continues, but not from us.


It’s hilarious that IGN asked Microsoft to comment on a rumor about a project they haven’t announced. Good luck with that.


This constant hunt for clicks is wild AF, as always.

At this point I doubt either Eurogamer or IGN will make a correction or issue an apology.


Gees so lame. Their is an entire cottage industry developing based off negative Xbox news. Its pretty stupid.

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You forgot to mention that Nick Baker also stated Spider-Man and Wolverine are coming to Xbox. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gaming media is embarassing since more than a decade, social networks only worsened the situation, because now people give credit to any sort of stupid takes from non credible guys who have no sources at all (like last week madness).

Cancelled or not, I’m not sure I can see a BR being the massive success they’d want it to be

It’s going to get harder and harder for these kinds of games to break into the market with Warzone, Fortnite Apex and more already dominating and these require huge, huge teams to support with constant content

I’m not sure how a relatively small team like CA would be able to compete against those titans

IGN is just…


They also don’t need it given that they now own one of the largest in COD: Warzone.

No one will ever compete with Fortnite, I knew the game was massive but when I tried out that Lego Fortnite mode they had I was still shocked to see how much content and how many people were playing each and every Fortnite mode.

Repositioning Halo as a platform with the eventual next game could kick the nest a bit, but that will take time and a SIGNIFICANT reunderstanding of how to sell Halo to kids

Yeah it’s basically a platform now and trying to pull people away from it to play other BRs is only going to get harder

We’ve already seen that Halo has nowhere near the appeal it once did, I think even if Infinite launched in the state it is now it wouldn’t have changed much, most players would still have gone back to things like Fortnite and I don’t see a BR changing much, especially without a massive team to support it

I know this will be blasphemy to many but without a serious reboot and change in direction, Halo is never going back to the big system seller it used to be

It’s either stay the course with an improved Infinite sequel to do slightly better than before or a change in direction that actually appeals to modern players

Halo cannot reach certain levels (Fortnite, COD, Minecraft, etc) because of its exclusive nature and that’ok. Maybe if the next Halo launches with these elements, it can do so much better than Infinite:

  1. Complete campaign (last one was good, but clearly cut only looking at the one and only biome and setting in the game.)
  2. Complete multiplayer experience (I’m talking about enough content to last a season of three months since the beginning, not since year 1.5 with season 4)
  3. Forge (at launch, not 1 year after)
  4. Coop (not 6 months after)

Then you’ll see Halo surpassing Forza Horizon at worst (FH5 is more popular than HI, never happened before), most popular game on Xbox platform at best.

Clearly the 10 years statements about HI are now a moot point and it’s for the better, the game is great now, but it can’t recover launch number even with a great expansion.

You can even launch with 3 out of 4 of those elements (forge later), but campaign, multiplayer and coop are essential for Halo experience since 2001.

Gee can we learn anything? You do not have to be #1 in a crowded field to still make your product worthwhile.

If Halo never gets as popular as fortnite the world will not end and it’s still worthwhile for Halo to keep trying.

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Technically with Xbox, PC, Cloud and potentially Mobile (in the future) they don’t even need PS & Nintendo to return Halo to a ‘mega franchise’.

Although I’m probably the wrong person to comment on Halo, as although I enjoy Halo games I don’t consider them the thing which draws me to Xbox, that was always Gears of War.

If they launch it right, absolutely not, but that’s a big IF with 343i track record. I think H4 was the only content complete Halo game they launched and that was forever ago.

It doesn’t need to be as big as any of those major titles, especially Fortnite but if MS is going to spend 100s of millions on a new Halo game then it needs to be performing far better than Halo currently is and I don’t think a sequel that is basically Infinite but better is enough to do that

If Infinite had launched content and feature complete it would already be that game. We can’t forget how many missing pieces there were and the constant drama of 343 behind the scenes for at least the first full year of the game.

The idea of launching a major expansion 3 years after the launch of an already declining game is not great imo, I hope they put all their energies into making a great new game concurrently with HI seasons, which are now very well made since 4.