Halo Wars 2 - Anyone still playing?

Is anyone still playing Halo Wars 2 these days?

I’ve been playing a little bit more recently, trying to work through some of the story and I still have the DLC to play.

Unfortunately, everytime I try to play the online modes I get network connection issues at the moment.

oh man, just uninstalled it last week after finishing the single player. Really loved it but I know that I do not possess the skill to play multiplayer on it, especially with a controller.

A year or two ago I am sure 343i did state the number of people who still play Halo Wars 2 and it was higher than you thought. Nothing huge, but certainly a dedicated number and enough to play with other people. However, that was some time ago, so I am not sure now.

Should I play the Halo Wars games?

If you like RTS games then definitely, it’s a good game and works very well on a controller.

Aight, might give em a try then. Never played one with a controller, so that’ll be interesting.

I still play it, I love Halo Wars and Halo Wars 2.

But I’m still sad they never put that Fort Deen map into matchmaking.

Halo Wars 3 needs to happen ! (and I don’t understand why they don’t put Halo Wars 2 on Steam too)

I really hope they make a Halo Wars 3, that would be awesome. I kind of expect maybe a Halo Tactics game first though?

Do you play normal or Blitz modes?

I only play 3v3 normal (YayYap all the way !). I hated that Blitz mode.

I really enjoyed Blitz (apart from the card rankings). I just really enjoyed the ability to play shorter matches. I played a normal game with a friend at the weekend and it lasted like 90 minutes.

I prefer longer games.

Fort Deen was my favorite 3v3 map on first HW because some games could last 1 or 2 hours (ODSTs and Prophet of Regret madness :laughing: )

I started a Halo marathon back in january, playing one Halo game per month (including those Spartan twin stick shooters spin-offs, those were bonus among the mainline games), and Halo Wars 2 is the last one on the list. The idea was to be fully prepared for Infinite, but then it was delayed - but, since I just needed to play two more games, I continued.

I’m on mission four right now.

Good campaign but the Multiplayer compared to the first one is atrocious.

Just finished the campaign and DLC a couple weeks ago.

I really like Halo Wars, but Halo Wars 2 was a technical mess that I had to use all my willpower not to give up on. It autodeletes my save games every time I launch (but saves which missions I’ve unlocked in the campaign), so I had to play an entire mission at a time, every time. Also lots of hard crashes from main menu back to the dash.

But I mean, I finished it despite that because I thought the game was great. Some of the Flood missions were especially good I thought, like the one where you have to repeatedly retreat and fortify or the one where you had to collect power in crystal form on the map.

I play Versus AI mode all the time. PvP is too stressful for me lol! It’s one of the few games I go back to for a quick 30-40 min session.