Halo TV Series has resumed production

I believe it’s already half-3 quarters done so it could end up coinciding with Infinite. Kinda makes up for the lapsed brand partnerships if the show is good.


I can’t wait for this show.

Please be good

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I do hope it’s good but I’m not confident that it has the budget required to do it all justice. Fingers crossed I guess.


Cortana has been “recast” with Jen Taylor returning. Mixed thoughts on this. Jen Taylor is Cortana, she is perfect, but so is Steve Downes as Master Chief. It’s gonna be weird hearing only one of the two. Still, it’s hard to find a better Cortana then… well, Cortana!


yes good signs


Yea theres also other problems like the whole Keyes thing

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Yeah, Miranda’s like a biologist or something now. Although I think they said she sorta grows into the Miranda we know and love.

Yea I don’t get why showtime is doing these changes

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My guess is to give the show an identity beyond the games and novels/other media or to avoid interfering with established canon. Although Jen Taylor’s inclusion ironically complicates this, even though she is otherwise by all accounts the best pick for Cortana.

I hope the show turns out great in the end. Sometimes liberties are taken simply to make the audience more invested or to better explain the world (Miranda at starts could be more of a Prof. Anders type character who explains many of the world’s mechanics, the human raised by Covenant could make it easier for viewers to understand the hierarchy and internal strife of the group and their motivations, etc.) so it may work out for the best to make the story more acessible. That said, I can’t say I like the rumour that Chief takes off his helmet, especially now that Mandalorian has proven that audiences can connect with a television character for hours on end without having to see their face. If they wanted to do a more “human” story, why not just do Buck’s or even Locke’s? Seeing Buck rise from soldier to ODST to Spartan would be a great time and you could have Fillion as older buck.