Halo Reach in MCC: I don't see my Co op player at all?

Trying to just start the Reach campaign in co op with my brother but I must be doing something wrong because I don’t see him in the game world at all. We exit the chopper and don’t see each other.

This is crazy, because I invite him before I start the campaign, in the loading screen I see that he’s in my roster too. But we don’t play together. Is the first part of the story solo or something? I am going crazy here.

You should definitely be able to see him even in the helicopter travel, if you look around you should see the GamerTag float above their head. At least that’s how I remembered it last I played on Xbox One.

It turns out that it’s yet another bug/issue in MCC. Because after three tries it worked. I seriously was playing the game solo while my brother was 100% in my roster of joined players. I Googled it and found a Reddit result from 2019, exact same story. One person said he had to completely remove all the user data for MCC and then it worked again for him.

For me MCC remains a “cursed” game, no matter how many times they patch it.