Halo |OT2| Forging Ahead

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I wish we’d get a Halo ODST game again, I still don’t get how Halo Wars gets a sequel but not ODST.

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Halo Wars 2 deserved it but so as ODST.

I can understand why HW got a sequel, it’s a different genre and different team. It doesn’t take resources away from the FPS team. The FPS team could likely only develop one title at a time.

I’m sure many FPS subgenres were pitched as well. I’m sure there were Destiny-like pitches. I could pretty much imagine pitches borrowing from all of the relevant games at the time (and even older ones like Battlefield or Battlefront).

With all of the Helldiver’s 2 excitement I hope 343 doubles down on PvE with Firefight and bring in the custom FF modes and maps people have been making.

A DarthBacon Firefight playlist would be pretty awesome.

A Halo ODST doesn’t need to be made by 343i necessarily, they could always outsource it to another studio with 343i just overseeing the project.

100%. That would be ideal, but the point being that it would need to be based on an engine that 343 comes up with to nail the Halo feel and keep consistent across any such projects. And when that’s good and ready they can get teams like Certain Affinity to make a spinoff. Which was the rumour so maybe they weren’t far off from this.

I don’t know if Slipspace is at that point now where it could be used for multiple projects by various teams. That’s the only reason why I see any justification for its lengthy and costly development. If it meant hammering out more Halo games more often from various teams but all based on the same exact feeling in terms of controls and physics.

I’m hoping now that 343 has a singular laser-focused vision that seeks to be incredibly efficient and productive.

On a somewhat related topic, I watched a video about a Turn 10 contractor employee who worked on Forza Motorsport and it detailed why and how the 18-month contract limit was harmful for the products being made. And you can see the same issues map to Halo Infinite. 18 months would have probably worked well with older games that only took 18 months to 24 months to make. But modern games take far more than that and this whole contract limit just doesn’t work with it.

I’m veering off to the topic of Game Dev at Xbox Game Studios so it’s probably not so relevant to this thread but I am hoping that all of these teams reevaluate how things are carried out and that Infinite is a massive lesson for Xbox. That they learn from it and can hammer out a new game every 2-3 years. That might seem realistic right now but with the proper planning it’s not impossible. Look at the Forza Horizon series, God of War, even Fortnite.




Are there any plans to up the difficulty? because heroic is too feels too easy so far and it makes the whole thing kind of boring.



I believe they mentioned Legendary KOTH was being added

There’s a Legendary playlist live right now. Has been around fairly often.

Difficulty wise it doesn’t feel any better, the enemy spawns though feel way cheaper. My team and I just got killed on the way to a point because all the enemies spawned in us.

The GOAT is back


Well… this looks fantastic… like not even a forge map… 343 needs to add it to the rotation in match making as soon as possible.

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343 needs to hire Uneeq, would be a huge loss if he moves on from Halo.

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They just don’t want me to be happy. Like this ^ is all I want.

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I’m seeing a lot of Helldivers to Halo comparisons from YouTubers and mainstream media and it sort of pissing me off because a lot of it is rooted in ignorance about what Infinite is at the current moment (It seems that none of these YouTubers are writers have played it since season 2), but at the same time too I have long been saying that 343 needs to recognize the PvE hole that gamers are experiencing and that Halo can fulfill with Halo Infinite.

You know what don’t even click on the article, just read that headline.

I’m not a video maker but if I were it would cover the fact that 343 is sitting on gold with Infinite’s Firefight.

First off, I don’t think the comparisons work beyond the feeling that you get when you play Helldivers which may remind them of the feelings they got with Halo. Other than that the gameplay is quite different, vastly different in some cases. And the point would be for 343 not to emulate Helldivers but rather bring back the feeling that PvE Halo used to bring. Helldivers is its own fantastic product and there’s no reason to “chase” it like how 343 has chased other trends. The whole point is for Halo to reach its PvE potential as its own product.

There are some clear PvE advantages that Infinite has. The enemy and enemy AI are far more interesting than games where enemies end up being bullet sponges. The player count isn’t limited to four and can even present one large squad or multiple squads to fight these enemies. There are a set of vehicles that help expand the gameplay beyond being a shooter, helping with transversal and dispatching enemies. A whole host of objective types from capturing power seeds to capturing points to hacking terminals, and with Forge there’s just so many possibilities when it comes to progressing through a level (take down a shield generator to have access to later parts of the level).

Despite these advantages there are apparent features that are missing. Massive boss enemies like Scarabs, overall objectives serving a meta, and character progression beyond the match itself. But here’s the thing: All of these nostalgic feelings that people are bringing up have to do with Halo firefight modes from the past that didn’t have any of these. Much like Left 4 Dead, many people just want a fun co-op experience where they’re in and out with no larger meta to serve.

All of the fundamentals are there and all it takes is a few custom maps and a playlist. Ever since enemy AI was introduced into Forge we have seen custom games that feature large custom maps with 12 people fighting off waves of Covenant. One of these modes includes permadeath which is pretty awesome. Tweaking friendly fire and revivals to stress teamwork and strategy would be great.

The final feature that needs to be implemented is proximity chat. I understand the reason for not having it in PvP but in PvE it just heightens the experience. Having the the voices go through a voice filter as if people are speaking through a Spartan helmet is a necessity as well. Practically it helps serve to help figure out the difference between people and party chat and in-game proximity chat.

I hope people don’t see what I’m saying here as Halo chasing any thread but rather Halo hitting its PvE potential that it has demonstrated since Halo 3 Firefight.

I mean, having a meta where Spartans need to take over an entire Halo ring would be great, but not a realistic ask for Infinite. I just want a fun playlist featuring custom objective-filled maps, 8-12 player co-op, and proximity chat if possible.

If there is any lesson that I hope 343 learns from the entire situation is that there was too much of a focus on competitive Halo.


This would be a great time for halo to come out with a Flood content as the Hell divers Bug are quite similar. Don’t like the comparison as well but action speaks best. Who knows this could spun something interesting like how PUBG got started and changed the industry.

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