Halo |OT2| Forging Ahead

Seems way too easy for people to forget the gameplay is (in my humble view) the best in FPS. By miles.

Infinite campaign was good, I’m just more so speaking to the narrative thread throughout the trilogy. I personally don’t think they’re strong enough to make campaign enthusiasts wait 5-6 years at a time.

I also had the ODST scope in mind too but even then, that is still pretty expensive and would take a lot of man power.

I think it’s worth the risk though, i don’t think it’s fair to any studio to have a state of the art Multiplayer and Campaign on day 1 of its release.


A few things from me today



This new season update is not good lol. I feel like 343 is taking the piss out of me.

Whats not to like about it?


Feels more like a cosmetic update rather than an actual content update. It’s kind of mind boggling that once they finally feel like they nailed the battlepass and seasons concept, they moved on from it to this barebones operator system.

I guess they’re winding down or whatever.

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Hum what ? It could be better, of course, but the update is not barebones. But I guess it’s subjective.

The only thing that disappointed me personnally is the MA5 weapon skin which isn’t close to the MA5D design.

I’m mostly only playing 3 to 4 games a week, as I wait for the Athlon armor to be added, so I can either farm it or buy it outright.

I definitely feel like the new battlepass structure could be improved upon, as this season does feel a little light so far in actual cosmetics to unlock.

That said, I think part of the problem is just perception. They updated the store to show more content at once, meaning the new season came with a lot more store content being available all at once - combine that with the new monthly structure meaning there is less battlepass content earnable up front and the whole thing looks a lot worse than it necessarily is.

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I feel like the goal with the new structure will allow them to add and partition content out better than one big update.

Covenant forge items is a big ask since well there’s no Covent objects in the game so its all new.

But I understand that those have long term gains for players than short term fun for players.

Each their own… But I don’t feel like they are winding down

My thoughts about financial viability of your scenario are that it can be if a) it’s a good sp game. Seems obvious but yeah and b) they use it to cross market the infinite mp alongside the sp relase. New map(s), weapons, skins etc. A new sp would probably be the best marketing for the mp possible.

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These circular responses are tiring. Halo SP isn’t going away. Halo MP isn’t going away. Be patient, enjoy the games, books, shows and stop stressing.


Yep. We’ll see how they handle this “season”. So far, meh.

For me what makes a new season exciting are new maps, new modes, new weapons and new equipment. Just one or two added is enough for me. I don’t care for cosmetics at all. I’m sure it’s the opposite with others.

When they move to this new cadence that does away with seasons, just one of the above seems fine. As long as we get another new thing when the new mission/whatever drops in 3 weeks. This time it was a map. I’d like to see a mode next.

I fell in love with Husky Raid and I’m digging Firefight. A new fun mode every few months would be ideal.


More firefight maps would be great.

But yeah sandbox changes really change the game. Bandit is one of the best additions.

If they can find a fun way to bring back the needle rifle I’ll be in heaven


I was thinking the exact same last night!

You know what’s funny, I used to despise Launchpad But for firefight it’s a great map. I like it because the setting provides a little bit of context and lore, and the control points are well chosen.

We’re live with our first Spoilercast for Season 2! Joined by Jon and Jesse alongside the usual HaloEra crew of Soul and Nick (IronWolf).

Come join us!

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I hope they drop the BTB maps next week, the game is screaming for something new.

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