Halo Infinite - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

They do need to either leave power for RT after game release or create a mode with dynamic res/DirectML+RT

It won’t be 4k native I can almost assure you of that. It will be solid 60 in SP and 120 in MP though.

I don’t care about the visuals its gonna be polished at full release i cannot believe that we are gonna be playing a open world halo game set on zeta halo the absolute potential is dare I say infinite eh

What I usually look forward is the gun audio! The gameplay already looks fun which is also an important factor in my Halo games but I need to hear all that fire power

I think it only really got a bad response because people were expecting Next Gen which we knew halo was never really going to be considering they’ve been working on it for 5 years. If xbox never showed hellblade 2 at the game awards and opened the showcase with it. We wouldn’t be talking about halo graphics right now

Ps. I loved every bit that I saw of halo infinite graphics included

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Agreed, Halo is too important to get caught up in console wars. I think it looks great and if you look at Halo 3 today, which at the time it was presented was also critizised for its graphics still holds up very well and arguably better than most games of that time. I understand Xbox needs a graphical showcase but Halo doesn’t. That said, I hope they iron out pop in, which is very distracting to me in games. But other than that I am super happy with a 60fps open world game of that quality. There really isn’t anything like it.

Halo got me over here looking for new TVs that support 120 fps the hype is real

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