HALO INFINITE Master Chief Unboxing!

Hello everyone!!

I just did a thing!!! I uploaded my Unboxing of the Master Chief from Halo Infinite. It’s my first time on camera - terrifying!! My wife did assure me that I am beautiful though so hopefully my face isn’t offensive to you fine people! LOL

I am absolutely obsessed with this thing. As a crazy Halo fan, this ticks all the right boxes!

I hope you enjoy the video, and if you are a Halo fan like me, I suggest you grab one of these if you still can!!


Nice :slight_smile:

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Thank you!!

How much is this? And can I get it in the uk? Looks awesome.

Edit: Game exclusive in the uk, £49.99, very tempted.

Haha yes!! Get it its great! I did mention in the video it’s GAME UK :slight_smile:

Thanks for watching I appreciate it.

Sorry I skimmed through to check the model out intially, then watched properly on my TV. Haha

I can’t explain how weird it feels to know that my face was on some random persons TV. Mind blowing! Lol - thank you

Here’s a pic I uploaded to my Instagram of the model :slight_smile:

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That is absolutely gorgeous tbh

Ah my phone screen is small, so wanted to see it on my big TV so I could view it better haha.

Atleast you can tell you mum you’ve been on TV now XD

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:rofl: oh I will!!

Be sure to Subscribe if you like. I’m planning a pretty cool Lego video lol (not sure when it’ll be done as there are like thousands of pieces, but still).

I think I’ll spend more time on this forum. I like it here.

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