Halo Infinite Director (Chris Lee) leaves 343, remains at Microsoft

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I don’t think it’s a secret that Infinite’s development hasn’t been smooth sailing with the various director changes and the delay. Anything beyond that, until we hear more, is just baseless speculation that I’m not really going to entertain. I hope Infinite turns out to be a great game, and if it needs more time in the oven, so be it. It’s not like Game Pass doesn’t have other great games :slight_smile:


Interesting timing of this after the RDNA 2 stuff came out…all I’ll say…

I would rather wait until 2022 if its necessary. I just want this to be the best possible game it can.

While I agree with you, Jason has been going off the rails at almost Keighley levels since the last couple of months. It’s odd considering he was one if the industries’ prime luminaries.


Yeah, it definitely hasn’t been smooth sailing but they also are building an entirely new engine with the intent of providing for the next decade+ of Halo titles, so I tend to find much of the doom and gloom that certain journalists/bad actors perpetuate as melodramatic hyperbole. Of course, I too am not going to speculate but people tend to forget that 343 has still been putting in an enormous amount of support in MCC and Slipstream has expectations inherently placed upon it that so many engines simply don’t have to entertain; the way physics in Halo are expected to be world-class (shooting grenades mid-air, projectile-based inertia, etc.), stable split screen support, theater mode, Forge, etc.

The engine work in itself is massive and I think people who don’t do any software engineering underestimate the workload that it creates. All this to say, I don’t doubt there have been problems but I refuse to listen to speculation and journalists who have a clear bent, nor will I call for someone to be fired at 343 - it’s immature and making a shotgun statement whilst seeing the pinhole of reality. Personally, I haven’t been disappointed by Halo 4 or Halo 5; I had qualms with each of course but loved more than enough to walk away happy. So if it takes another year to come out, I’m fine with that (especially given the content Xbox should have coming) and it’s inarguable that it’s better for the health of Halo as a franchise for Infinite to launch when it’s actually ready.


Are you really insinuating that he waited until after the AMD press conference to tweet out about Chris Lee’s departure? This makes sense to you even when the Xbox twitter account didn’t send out their tweet over the RDA2 compatibility until after Jason’s tweet?

Come on people, let’s be better than baseless conspiracy theories please.


By Dural,

You are right.

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Thank you, I’m not sure why this conspiracy theory took root… but it’s 2020.

BTW, loved the new “You Had Me At Halo”! Finally had some time to sit down and watch :slight_smile:

Man I hope they follow up those news with some Info on Halo Infinite. This silence just leads to speculation and who can blame the negative sentiment coming out of a news like this. I am really worried now but of course I want this game to be the masterpiece it deserves to be. I pray they deliver guys.

I don’t want to derail or catch a ban so we’ll just leave it be…I get it though.

I just found it curious, that’s all.

The 2 events seem completely unrelated.

Maybe they are doing it to reduce the attention, but I dont think the xbox division is that 3d chessy.

As a general rule, social media folks know absolutely nothing until they’re told to post what they post.


Oh boy they are getting death threats too just like CDPR the person is a designer on the campaign

Thats good to hear