Halo Infinite Director (Chris Lee) leaves 343, remains at Microsoft

Without a whole picture, it’s really hard to say if this is reflective of a good thing. Under normal circumstances, sure, but when you have a revolving door of talent it could potentially signal deeper issues in infrastructure, disconnected leadership, whatever. Like a carpenter given rotting lumber and told to build with it, it’s not going to change much if you replace the carpenter and give him the same rotting lumber.

Yea this is more and more likely a late 2021

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Depending on other possible games from XGS maybe they’ll even push it into 2022. Remains to be seen what is really going on right now.

Still hoping it comes out in 2021. But delay is still better than releasing a mess of a game.

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Yea I suppose so everything is in flux


Even if they made a biased statement?

Surely your not saying im not allowed to point out a fact?

We do not question the employment of people here. This is no different than question for someone’s job or how anyone is in the position they are in.

What you’re saying is far from fact. It’s clear that Infinite has had a troubled development after multiple directors and leads have left. That’s not to say that things can’t improve but a director leaving while a game deep in development is never a good thing.

Your rhetoric in this thread has been far from appropriate, please try not to let your bias paint how you act here. Consider this a warning.

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It is a fact that what jason is saying is unproven, there is nothing to show that the departure of this 343 director is negetive occurance for 343 or halo infinite.

If it’s a fact, then surely you have proof, right? Let’s see it. How many multi-year, large scale, projects can you point to that have had multiple high level departures and it did not show a sign of developmental issues?

My proof is that there is no proof, it could be negetive or it could be positive, but choosing one over the other does show some bias , what that bias is I dont know,

Is it a glass half empty or half full? For a journalist to go straight to the negative(or positive) is a statement in itself.

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Firstly. Jason Schreier is a genuine reporter with all the good and bad that that entails. His reports aren’t biased, they are just a little exaggerated as most reporting is these days. Living in Japan in 2011 and seeing all the international media reports about the earthquake really opened my eyes to how sensationalised most reporting is.

As for this situation it can hardly be considered a good thing but neither is it fundamentally terrible either. It is merely the side effect of the changes made in August. The game is no more broken than it was in July. It seems clear that with Joseph Staten and Pierre Hintze coming in to lead up the two halves of the game, Chris Lee no longer had a vital role in development.

As for the whole idea of development hell, halo infinite has had a single delay along with dozens of other games this year. In terms of Dev time it doesn’t even crack the top 100. (I checked)

Chris Lee was the second (not the third ) director to leave which is hardly ideal, but with two experienced figures with good reputations already in place it’s hardly traumatic.

I see some people saying the game not hitting 2021 but I don’t see that happening unless 2021 ends up being even worse than 2020. That demo was probably finished in June which gives them 18 months of Dev time to hit 2021. If you actually look at that demo, the famerate looked to be a locked 60 though I haven’t seen any analysis of that for some reason. The movement of the chief looked brisk and responsive. The music was great and thier implementation of the open world looked interesting.

The problems were pop in, some dodgy so scripting a bit of dodgy texture work and a lack of post processing effects, particularly in regards to lighting.

I see absolutely no reason why the majority of these problems can’t be fixed in 18 months even if the management changes every month or so. I’d be much more worried if a bunch of lighting designers left the company.


He’s not choosing to be negative, he’s expressing his view over what he knows. Jason has many proven contacts within the industry with an excellent track record. That is why he’s at Bloomberg. Instead of forming a kneejerk reaction and claiming bias, it might be a good idea to take a step back and look at the whole situation. When there is enough smoke, anyone can see at least a glimpse of the fire. Sure you don’t think the most of Jason but I’m sure you don’t think Jez is biased, do you?

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This reminds me of the BioWare issues that plagued the studio for years. Changes in management, direction, and rumors of a very troubled development for Anthem - for example. It’s a shame what happened to BioWare so hopefully it doesn’t to 343. It seems that several of the development team were excited to show it off, and were devastated by the mockery from the press and general bad reception of the demo by the public. It’s genuinely terrible the ribbing that this game received from the press and social media.

Maybe 343 can recover from this, but I cannot help but see the similarities. They need to hunker down and present a finished product instead of a phased approach


I agree I think that’s what is going on here especially since they have not really said much about infinite

Im just taking what is publicly known and what Jason tweeted. Now you are just speculating about his sources, in the article he does not say his secret sources are pointing to anything, he is just stating the official information and his opinion. Also Jason has been wrong plently of times.

Those tweets you posted are not what im refering to, I agree halo infinites development has likely not have had smooth sailing all the time (like many AAA games) i was talking about staff departures being a negetive thing.

But I get what you say and I will leave the subject as it is.


If the reports are true, That’s mean 343 was working alone without any communication with MS on the hole development cycle for Halo Infinite.

Any one believe such Scenario?

He is subtly promoting a future article or book detailing the troubled development of Halo Infinite.

My issue is that if he has information, why not just release the story.


I can’t stand Jason, and I think a lot of devs can’t stand him either.

He literally times his tweets to try put negativity on games when they are close to launch, he has been doing it non stop like a weird vendetta against cyberpunk recently.

Pretty sure he has annoyed Cory Balrog and others that work at Sony studios too.

I guess atleast he isn’t biased with who he is trying to piss off, guess I can give him props for that lol


Might want to take this into consideration