Halo Infinite Charms Confirmed!

I for one am really excited with the inclusion of weapon charms! I’m looking forward to a cute Yip-Yap charm hanging off my weapons :slight_smile:

Like Modern Warfare?

It’s not so much the charms that bother me, they’re fine, it’s more that they’re aping COD again. I hope that’s where it stops. Because last time they tried to copy COD for multiplayer it didn’t work out great.


I think so! Siege, Apex Legends, Valorant also have weapon charms as well! I’m sure that’s where the similarities end, but we will find out later when they officially unveil the multiplayer!

Stop. They arnt coping modern warfare. Charms have been around for a while.

I agree with Shpeshal_Ed. Regardless of them being around for a while, Halo should be doing something new and starting new trends, not following what other games are doing.

I never use charms in games like warzone because I think it might make me an easier target.

I really hope infinite has a great battle royale, it could be a huge boost for xbox.

Halo has the perfect sandbox for a BR mode too, I feel like a BR Halo if done well would be a massive success.

It wasn’t in Halo 3 therefore it is heresy, jk jk. But seriously though I don’t have a problem with even more customization options, I don’t see how this will negatively affect the game.