Halo Infinite (Campaign) Review OT

Really lovely feedback to read, Jesse put a LOT of work into it (and it shows!)


Review scores are evil, and I hate them.


And ultimately, even as it stands, the developers have delivered one of the best first-person shooters of the last decade.

DF’s John Linneman words. I highly value his opinion regarding first-person shooters, this is extremely great and exciting to hear from him.

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another thing I realised, isn’t this one of the highest scores for a game that was intended to be long term? (like destiny/avengers/sea of thieves)

If so, if this is the starting point, what is the game going to be like in a year? 2 years? 5 years?

Hold me I’m shaking in excitement


Haters in shambles. Them boys had no idea their slander options would be down to battle pass and XP after the glory days of Craig.

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When do the emergency twitter spaces start up?


Almost spat out my water.

Sponge Bob Reaction GIF

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ACG not liking the opening or story? Makes me feel all the more confident, I can safely say I rarely seem to agree with him on most stuff.

ACG is right. It would be a good day for videogames if scores would just go away and everybody had to read the text.

Condensing review texts to scores is already highly questionable and averaging them is pure nonsense.


Seriously makes me so happy for these guys at 343 get some good reviews and hype around the game they’ve been working on for so long. Must be a huge pressure release and make a lot of things worth it over the time they had to make the game, can’t imagine how it would feel if they went through all that for 6 years then it turned out to get poor scores.

Lead narrative designer


Infinite reviewing well is another reminder that team leads leaving doesn’t automatically mean disaster.


Wow, well what more can I say than being super happy for 343 and overall, because things didn’t look this positive all the time. So it’s definitely a surprise.

Great year for Microsoft. Great time for Halo fans.


Man xbox has be on top all year, Fire start to the gen, Now just have a great game awards showing(Hb2 :eyes:) And they golden


I keep reading reviews that call this some sort of mix of Halo 1 and 3. This game is nothing like either of those games, in any way outside of enemy models. It’s halo 5, but far better, mixed with the best equipment system the series has ever seen. Halo 1 and 3 are both floaty tanks with next to no strategy outside of what weapons/vehicles you try to use. This game is dynamic in a way Bungie’s titles could never have dreamed of, and structurally it’s so different that it barely feels like the same genre.


Reviews for games on Game Pass have limited value to a subscriber, since we’re going to get to judge for ourselves without investment anyway, but pleased for 343i after what has likely been a stressful few years that the game is reviewing positively.

From a quiet start, Xbox has really exploded in the second half of 2021. Flight Sim, Psychonauts 2, Horizon 5 and now Halo Infinite all getting great recognition. Guess Deathloop even counts, weirdly, despite not yet being on Xbox.

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anyone ventured to r/halo yet? (is it even unlocked yet?)

since they hate halo so much, I guess the good reviews will have them REEEEEEEing constantly

They’re focusing on the not as positive ones.

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I can’t imagine a lot of them are pleasant to be around as they seem to be incredibly bitter.