Halo Design Palette

Whenever I start a map or an idea, I usually throw this handy prefab somewhere off to the side.

It contains all the “human” centric standard Halo Design set pieces, and is very useful for quick iteration when blocking out a new level.

Figured I’d share! Good luck forgers!


Thank you! Yeah, I just did this on another map and having a prefab to drop on any new map is huge. Quick and easy, I like having all the pieces out and available to duplicate from rather than try to figure out each piece in the menus. Killer.


You’re most welcome! Really helps with the workflow.

Thanks Sik!

This has inspired me to collectively consolidate all my prefabs into one big one for future ref. As well as make my own for themes ect

Thank you, so when you make a map you begin with simple shapes for the layout and at the end do all the fancy looks and details?!

Yup. Gameplay first. Art last!