Halo Championship Series |OT| Raleigh - December 17-19

Not sure how many people are interested in HCS on here but I’m making a dedicated thread (for now) if it garners any interest.


The first match has more than 50k viewers not including co streams and YouTube. Very impressive!

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I’m watching rn, but really it’s for the armor and gun coatings. You have to watch 1 hour of HCS and 1 hour of a co-stream partener like summit, Myth and other names I don’t know.

Still fun to watch pro gamers playing the game like it’s 2007.

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damn wtf lol the match got fucked by some technical issue when it was nearing the end, feelsbadman it was so close too

Yeah I just tuned in and have no idea what happened lol.

Good to see who Space Station are after seeing their skins regularly in Infinite lol.

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This is a terrible first impression

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HCS has been announced for weeks. Was this not at all playtested?

The players are in-house, correct?

Genuinely not sure what’s going on.

Big yikes

ok its back now

It seems like they had to replace the PCs with Xboxes because of the connection issues.

I’ve also heard custom games in Infinite is real janky right now. Things have seemed pretty steady since the last break, though. Fingers crossed.

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XSet win.

I am supposed to get the Sidekick skin so that’s cool I guess.

Man this tournament has been so good but really ruined by another Halo game with broken custom games


I feel bad for everyone involved at this point

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It screams MCC all over again this happened back then too

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I figured after 7 years 343 would have figured it out

Me too which is weird considering everything else is so polished mostly in the game

While I love Infinite, I really cannot give 343 a pass for having the same repeated issues that have plagued their last 3 games.


3v4 industries

Joke Reaction GIF by Travis

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I can’t either its ridiculous

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