Hades II - Reveal Trailer

Meet the Princess of the Underworld in HADES II, the bewitching sequel to our award-winning rogue-like dungeon crawler. Details about Early Access coming in 2023.


I believe this is the studios first sequel no?

I am not surprised as the first one was a big breakout title for them. I will be there day one for the game.

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Hades was great! Really looking forward to what they can do with the sequel.


They did a really good getting you hooked on that one more run feeling. I played very little apart from Hades for like a month when it came to Game Pass.

I eventually got myself to uninstall the game and start playing other games again. That game is like crack lol.


I ignored the first game for the majority of its time on Game Pass (I did get around to almost doing everything it had to offer though), I’ll definitely be on this day one.

Hades was a banger but I didn’t hope for a sequel, Supergiant was one of the rare studios that reinvented themselves with each new game a new IP and new genre that were also high quality. That said, I’ll still play of course. Supergiant were also always console to exclusive to one platform at least for a time, I hope this one is multiplatform day one.

Still need to finish my no-hit run of the first one but I’m gonna jump on the sequel for sure. Not sure I’ll jump on the early access really, I think I’ll wait until the product is actually finished.

Any news on platforms? I reslly hope SG arent stupid enougj to make it a switch console exclusive for a period of time.

Nothing that we know of other than it being in preview/early access for Steam/EGS

I couldn’t really get into the first one, it felt well made but it didn’t grab me the way it did others, Dead Cells is a far better roguelike for my tastes

If its any consolation, they responded back to Phil about Hades saying they were happy to be back on Xbox.


Hades is slightly different. I do like DC though.

I played them all already but man I hope we get the missing Supergiant games from Xbox eventually.

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Hades didn’t really click with me, probably just didn’t get far enough in to get hooked.

I’ve got the Transistor and Pyre on Steam already, but I’d love to be able to have them on Xbox.

We’ve had weirder late ports in the past, so I still have (albeit small) hopes!

Not a fan of either. Theyre far more niche than Hades and bastion but baffling how they arent on Gamepass when you think theyd have second life on the platform.

It might be one of those lets wait for MS cash as opposed to porting it to xbox and then letting ms know GP deal would be worth it.