Hades II Early Access | Review in Progress


Hades 1 was really good. Incredible build flexibility and combat. Hope for more different kind of enemies and that’s a little bit harder without using the pact of punishment. Just not on the level of Enter the Gungeon please lol.

Btw I don’t know if you played it, but is the card system similar to Hands of Fate ? Like making your card deck before starting the game. @Doncabesa


The review took 35 hours to do, the SEO piece took 15 minutes. Always a bit depressing. Thanks to all the @XboxEra.Patron members though, you’re the ones funding us still focusing on reviews, streams, and podcasts instead of just SEO news.


Awesome to hear how it’s coming together - this is definitely one of my most anticipated games at the moment.

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Good read!

The game is not for me, haven’t even played the first one, but it seems to be high quality for those who enjoy this genre.


The first one surprised me, I’d not have thought it was for me but got it in game pass and then loved it enough to buy when it left. I still have a few achievements to clean up and think I’ve got a couple story bits still, but it surprised me with how well put together it was. Absolutely loved the music too. I do vaguely wonder if that game shortened the lifespan of my controller though, I actually picked up one of the fight pads for when I go back to it because I figured it is made for a bit more abuse… :grin: