Guilty Gear Strive could be coming to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass on March 7th

Originally published at: Guilty Gear Strive could be coming to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass on March 7th - XboxEra

What you need to know

  • Guilty Gear Strive is coming to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass this year
  • The current store listing shows the game is releasing March 7th

The store page for Guilty Gear Strive has possibly leaked the release date for Guilty Gear Strive. While it was already announced to join Xbox and Xbox Game Pass this year, a date hadn’t been announced yet.

It seems likely Guilty Gear Strive will be part of the next Game Pass drop. These drops are often announced on a Tuesday. So, people can probably expect to play this title from Arc System Works next week.

Thanks to Resetera user Rumenapp for the screenshot. And thanks to Reddit user TarsFommars for the info.


I havent played a GG game in years, looking forward to it.

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Would be a nice build up to Street fighter for fighting game fans.


Can’t wait to play this! :partying_face:

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I love my Hori Fighting Stick alpha. :negative_squared_cross_mark::martial_arts_uniform:

Nice. Cant wait.

Where can I get one?

Amazon is where I got mine. Best to talk it over with your significant other first. It will set you back $200

She will understand.



Amazing get and great timing, was thinking about getting it on PS5.

Im assuming they’ll add the season passes once it goes live? Im not seeing them on the store…

I can’t wait to jump back into this game though. I was expecting it to maybe release in April or May but this sudden release is great!

I’m guessing no physical version.

Unfortunately no. But to be expected. We arent getting sifu physical either.