GTA Trilogy Remastered disk update issue


ladies and gentlemen

Firstly sorry if this has been posted already, I’m not sure if it’s my console or network settings that are causing the issue here.

I had the GTA trilogy for Christmas and really wanted to play it over the holidays, unfortunately I’m getting and error with the update that is required to even play the game.

My console prompts me to update the games but says “we are unable to get the update right now please try again later”

I’ve submitted an error report but was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue or has any information, if and when this issue will be resolved.

Many thanks.

Try installing from disc with the console offline, then when it’s done installing plug it back online and update it.

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It seems to work offline but as soon as I connect to xbl it doesn’t play or let you update the game still unfortunately.

Sucks, I don’t use much physical discs myself but that was a trick I’ve seen others with similar issues use.

Have you done the usual stuff? Hard reboot of the console etc?

Yeah unfortunately still no luck Mort, I’ve literally tried everything,even clearing the Mac address and restarting doesn’t work.

it has to be an issue Microsoft’s end with how the update is rolled out, I guess.

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