'Grounded' Announces Final "Fully Yoked" 1.4 Update, Physical Edition Pre-orders Via Limited Run Games

Originally published at: Grounded Final Update: New Features and Content Revealed - XboxEra

Developer Obsidian Entertainment today showed off their final update to their survival title ‘Grounded’. Dubbed the “Fully Yoked” 1.4 update, adding in new game plus, a new melee weapon and trinkets, decorations, molars, the Ant Queen, and much more. Full details will be posted by the company later on, but for now you can catch more details on that through a couple of streamers that caught the PAX East stream when it was live right over this way.

And as the game is primed for launch on PlayStation consoles and the Nintendo Switch on the 16th of April, its only natural that a physical release happens! And of course Limited Run Games is here to oblige, readying up a standard and collectors “Fully Yoked” physical edition that will be ready for pre-orders on the 25th of March until the 28th of April. The standard edition will run for $39.99 USD and the CE will be priced at $124.99 USD. All editions of the game are region free.

The Grounded Fully Yoked CE includes the following:

  • Physical copy of Grounded Fully Yoked Edition for Xbox Series X/Xbox One.
  • Grounded Fully Yoked Edition Collector’s Edition Box
  • 4×6 Frame – includes 10 Swappable Art Cards
  • USB Cassette Tape Soundtrack
  • CD Soundtrack
  • Dice Set – Burg.L Branded D20
  • Stickers
  • Artbook
  • Mant Minitures
  • Hopes Sweatbands

Grounded launched to good fanfare back in 2022 and with its final update coming alongside more players getting access to the game very soon, consider picking up the game once more. Grounded is available on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox consoles and PC and very soon on other platforms.

Surprised they are ending support tbh, wonder what they’ll do next


I don’t know but after this, I can’t wait for their next journey.


It doesn’t have MTX, right? Maybe they’ll join main teams to help bringing main games through the finish lines.

Im excited for what they make next. I hope they make grounded two. be cool to see more types of bugs like scorpions and camel spiders, slugs, butterflys. possibilities are endless

It’s a shame support for this game is ending just as it goes multiplat. It makes no sense.

I thought Xbox games going multiplat would allow them to support their games for more years, giving Xbox and PC owners of these games even more content but apparently not…

There is a difference between support and having free new content.

All the extra $$$ coming in from PlayStation sales should fund more updates


Why not ? Makes sense to me.

Or they could add some microtransactions… I see room for new voiced playable characters that could be sold