"The sport of tomorrow is the sport of today."

GRIDIRON is a multiplayer level focused on the famous Halo community made game mode Grifball .

The project was commissioned by HaloHQ to be one of the main arenas for the first Grifball Tournament for 2024 organized by streamer Ranger Cali and Spacestation Gaming.
The design was very straightforward since there are already guidelines on how to build the “field”, so my focus was more on bringing a story to tell with the design and art. Being such a popular sport in the lore of the game as well as in its community of players, the design circles around a colossal stadium with the field at its core, barely swinging above a pool of server cooler. This while showing memories and history through the Grifball Museum, easter eggs and stadium displays that evoke nostalgia to the competitors and spectators. Huge thanks to CaptainPunch for setting the scripting needed to complete the classic experience of the game mode and the reason to build a stadium.


Looks fantastic! Love the atmospheric scattering, you dialed it in to perfection. Love the concept as well.

I haven’t played Grifball that much during the Halo 3 days but seeing this gets me pumped for the infinite version of it.

Thanks man! You should try it! TSG really nailed the feeling of the hammer despite Infinite’s being so OP.