GreedFall next-gen free upgrade releases on June 30; new expansion announced

When I went to sleep yesterday the patch wasn’t yet available for me. Today when I turned on my Xbox it had already installed and is ready to go (Smart Delivery <3)

The game basically doubled its size, from 11 GB to 20 GB.

Another thing that went unnoticed:

The base game suffered a significant price drop since the Gold Edition released. It now costs $34.99 as opposed to $49.99.

If you are a Game Pass subscriber, you can grab the base game for $27.99 + buy the DLC separately for $6.99 and you would still pay less than the Gold Edition’s $39.99.


This game is actually on sale almost every second month. You can probably wait for a better price.


I’ve only played the DLC for a very short while, but after taking a minute to remember the controls I quickly remember why I love this game so much. For me, someone who isn’t that demanding when it come to graphics, the game really looks great now.

I recommend to folks who have never played or are coming back to play turning off all the HUD elements, it enhances the game greatly, IMO.

I know that Xbox has a really strong group of WRPGs developers already, but I really wish that MS could have gotten Spiders. I really believe that with a AAA budget they could make a game as good as any RPG developer.

Did you have a save file? If not, how far did you have to get in the base game in order to access and play the DLC?

Yes, I have plenty of save files so that I could have chosen from a few points. You have to be as far in as:

you have to unlock the quests Searching for Constantin in the Constantin’s Faith Questline, and On the high king’s trail in the A Cure for Malichor Questline in your journal in the base game.

I beat the base game back when it released but that was for PS4 Pro and all my save files are long gone. How far into the game are those other quest lines that you have to unlock? I honestly don’t remember exactly how far into the game they were. Thanks.

I want to say like 80% in, so you would essentially have to replay the game unfortunately(I say that because I’m not a person who ever replays games.)

I also rarely replay games so to go through the entire base game again isn’t enticing just to play the expansion. I however look forward to reading your opinion on the expansion once you complete it.

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As a side quest incorporated into the main game, The de Vespe Conspiracy adds great value to the GreedFall story. Playing it after having finished the game though makes not as meaningful of course, but it does make me even more excited to play Steelrising in probably a couple of years. Hopefully the Nacon conference this Tuesday will reveal more info about that game.


Sounds like im not missing much by skipping the DLC but like you, I am looking forward to Steel Rising (my guess is 2022) and this Tuesday where the Nacon Connect stream is supposed to reveal gameplay as far as I know.

Yeah, it’s fun and a nice addition for anyone who hasn’t played the game yet, but definitely not worth playing through the game again for. For me was worth the 7 bucks although I could see how some might say it should only be 5, but that’s nickel and diming it.

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