Great event in Mexico?

Is It related to consoles launch or next showcase?


They did X018 there didn’t they? Maybe going back again.

Maybe XO20?

That’s what I was thinking.

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Did MS talk about still doing an XO event ?

I don’t know.

Maybe pre-orders or All Access coming to Mexico ?


I thought MS wasn’t going to hold physical events for the time being?

If it’s a historical event it means that Phil Spencer becomes México’s president…

A lot better than our current president!

On a serious note, could it be that Microsoft is opening a new studio over here in México?

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I don’t think that the mexican game industry has developed enough to put AA or AAA teams here mate. I bet this it’s just pre-orders, but who knows.

Klobrille says MS never announces big events only in one region. Likely just something nice for local fans like pre orders.

Xbox buying Mexico confirmed.

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Mexican Drug Cartel now part of Xbox and all their products (:triumph:) come day 1 to gamepass moving forward.



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Now some grams of marijuana are going to be in the gamepass perks :leo:

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Pd. I forgot to talk about it, in spanish the word evento not only means about an event, the phrase of un evento histórico can mean also that something big can happen related of mexico, but something that is not an event per se.

The Xbox Mexico Twitter gave a date now

The picture says

Our dreams will become reality on November 9

We are ready to make history

Insert Xbox logo

Power you dreams

I still don’t know what this is all about, if its a fanfest, and bcz the fanfest its going to be by stream, then seeing it happening in mexico woudn’t make any sense, if everything is about fanfest, then whats the relationship between it and mexico? I still don’t think there’s going to be investment into mexican studios or something like that, the mexican studios are still really small, and the best ones are outside mexico city, thing that makes everything a bit more complicaded. Bromio its in Puebla City, xibalba in Monterrey and lienzo in Chihuahua. The thing about those places is that it gets more complicaded to find people and acces to different kind of technologies bcz the best universities in the country, and the ones that teach related things to video games more properly are basically in mexico city (and the creators of kerbal space program sold the ip to take two and wont make any other game)