Graphics Comparison: Observer (Current Gen) vs Observer System Redux (Next Gen)

Nice graphics comparison for Bloober Team’s Observer. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any information on which next gen version was used for the Video.

Nonetheless, looks damn nice, will gladly buy the System Redux version when it launches. Never found the time to play the game, despite being very interested in it.


What system was this captured on?

Looking really great! I will play it on XSX then.

Couldn’t find any information on this yet.

Wow, nice upgrades there.

Hope to see that on more games.

Loved the original, will buy this too. Will look amazing on the Series X!

I was ready for next gen yesterday.

Price, release date and open pre-orders please.

Looks great - very significant improvements in my opinion.

Damn this looks awesome. I have it now, never went thru it, but even though Ill have to re-buy this, im excited to finally go thru it on a next gen system.

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Looks great. On an off topic hope MS acquires the Bloober team at some point. They seem to be putting out great stuff.

It looks amazing, here’s hoping 343i can wow us with Infinite’s graphics the next time we see it.