Gothic 1 Remake Comes to Xbox Series Consoles, 'Welcome to the Old Camp' Trailer

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Developer Alkimia Interactive and publisher THQ Nordiq have announced a remake to an old classic: ‘Gothic 1 Remake’. Alongside releasing a trailer for the upcoming remake, Gothic 1 Remake will be coming to Xbox Series consoles when the time is right. Players will take on the role of a unknown prisoner as they explore the Kingdom of Myrtana and change the fates of all its inhabitants.

Have a gander at the trailer and brief details below. You can check the game out on the Xbox Store by going here.

GOTHIC 1 Remake

Welcome to the Old Camp! Join us on a guided tour through the most opulent and expansive encampment in the Valley of Mines. We’ll follow a charismatic scoundrel as they leisurely navigate the city, observe their amiable interactions with the locals, and witness them witnessing the fervor of the arena battles!!

The Gothic Remake is currently in full development, and only Innos knows when it will arrive on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S/X!
Wishlist or read more about the game here:

Gothic 1 Remake Details


Much better than the last showing of Gothic. Had the cutthroat feeling like the OG. Even showed new content like the arena betting.

If they do this right I’m getting it.

The first game on PC was amazing at the time, what an awesome atmosphere in that game, loved it.

I always heard about it but never played it. It seems right up my alley.

The demo or whatever it’s called was horrible and for whatever reason Piranha Bytes is not involved at all.

One of the most influential RPGs of all time. You see a lot of Gothic elements in future RPGs especially from eastern Europe studios like CDPR.


That is a big shame. Gothic deserves way more.

They said they scratched it and started from zero. And the original composer Kai Rosenkranz is involved. I don’t have high hopes, but I pray that I’m wrong.

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Arena is a cool feature to have, there is a “Gothic 1.5” cancelled Add-on which features an extensely ambitious Arena which was canceled in favor of all Piranha Bytes working on Gothic II.

The fact that it’s in the trailer give me the impression that this Gothic remake will be more that Gothic I ! And they showed with this that they understand Gothic, which is fabulous.

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The game truly was revolutionary for it’s time, yes there was problems with it, but man was it fun.

Sadly Piranha Bytes never become a household name and still is a small developer.

With Embracer being in financial trouble, maybe Microsoft could buy them from Embracer and really grow the studio.

I like this news.

Interested in Gothic, Outcast, Titan Quest 2 but most of all, TMNT: The Last Ronin that were all shown during the THQ Nordic Showcase. Really hoping they don’t screw up TMNT!!

As for Gothic remake, looks good and has my interest.

Their games continue to have awesome elements, I haven’t played through Elex 1 and 2 enough but I’ve heard plenty how even despite combat issues and other things it’s still a great experience.

I do wish PB would grow more, improve that combat, improve the things they keep unchanged, and not for the better.

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Elex 1 yes, not Elex 2. Form what I’ve read elex 2 is the worst PG game and it’s not fun to play. Because of that it’s somewhere deep in my backlog.

PB will never grow, they love being this indie Ruhrpott (the region where they coming from) hardworking studio.

I’m still shocked that they were acquired by Embracer.

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They really do make great games, with extraordinary ideas, unfortunately because they are such a small studio their ideas can never reach their full potential.

Hopefully one of these days they will get to their full potential and people won’t call their games Eurojank anymore too.

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Not gonna happen and PB likes being this small hardworking team. It’s part of their identity and part of their region.

I’m just glad that we’re getting Gothic Remake and Gothic Classic.

If Embracer wouldn’t acquire them the IP would still be shelved.

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