Gotham Knights: First 16 Minutes of Gameplay - IGN First


Looks good, actually a whole lot more interesting than the gameplay we had earlier this year. I believe we had not seen new Batgirl gameplay there, but we did see the other members and the combat looked off. In the very first gameplay reveal the Batgirl gameplay looked great too.

So I’m guessing the combat for the others will be just as fun and well made. Visually nice too, and unless this is a PS controller connected to PC this is PS5 footage, meaning XSX will at least look as good or better and that’s very nice. Framerate seems higher than 30fps to me too.

And WB is already having more blood in their game than any of the Rocksteady Batman games ever had. For some reason they really shied away from blood. I like the slower paced bits in these games, the detective work i guess. Hopefully GK will have a good balance of missions outside in the city, but also in plenty of interesting interiors.

Added this video to the Gotham Knights topic I posted two years ago.

I was somewhat down on the game a few months ago but not anymore. Maybe it’s the way the other characters play but Batgirl gameplay comes across so much better to me. Either way, day one. Really enjoyed that 16 minute walkthrough.

Yeah, it’s rather odd. Batgirl combat looked fine in first reveal. The other characters in combat during E3 didn’t look that great, something was off and now Batgirl again looks way better. I want to believe the combat for everyone has improved now.

Agreed. I will be playing as Batgirl so if there are any issues with the other characters, at least I will be able to avoid them. Hehe. But yeah, it is weird that Batgirl gameplay today and two years ago looks better than the other characters. Regardless, day one for me. Just need to know if they will have expansions post launch or mini DLC so I can decide if im buying on disc or going digital.