Gotham Knights- Even with updates, still not a good game

This game was recently on sale on the Xbox this past week, I’ve enjoyed all the Arkham games beyond Origins which I never played. I loved Asylum, thought City was fantastic and really liked Arkham Knight.

I figured since I’ve enjoyed all of the games before and with the recent talk of patches making this game playable and putting it in a much better state then it was when it launched, I figured why not bite the bullet and get it.

I put about an hour and a half into the game and I think it’s terrible. No amount of patches can fix what I don’t like about the game. For one, visually, for a game only on the current generation of consoles, it’s fudgely. Maybe it’s rose color glasses, but I feel like Arkham Knight looked and played better.

I chose Nightwing as the first character and I just don’t like how the game feels. It’s lost the heft of walking around as Batman. Batman felt imposing yet nimble during combat. This just feels off. Like there’s no weight to Nightwing and his attacks feel like they have no weight behind them.

Everything about that first hour and a half was dreadful. I do think the detective stuff is cool though but man, what a missed opportunity to do something unique.

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You’re weak to start, once you get a few upgrades I think the game feels fantastic and I stand by my 8.4 when I reviewed it back at launch.


I bought it around launch, and like most things I buy, played it a little bit and havent gone back yet. But I generally liked what I had played.

It just doesn’t feel tight, too loose, but as some of you had said, I might need to give it time. The city doesn’t feel alive and the combat feels meh. I’ll continue to give it a shot.

I just bought this pre-owned and the first thing I see is that “Do not sell my data” leads to a site that makes you punch in your e-mail address for that privilege? Fuck this piece of shit.

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I put about another 2 hours into it, it’s not bad. But it’s no where near as good feeling as the Arkham games. I’m splitting time between this and The Harry Potter game and that game is amazing.

Yeah, I was going to say, it’s not like Gotham Knights is supposed to be this amazing game. Does the HP game have the same bs?

This is a weird take, but the main story to the Harry Potter game is sort of nonsense and takes too long to get going (even though the set up is amazing) but the game is so GOOOD. A lot of the game is helping classmates which should feel mundane but it’s well written and the world is quite expansive with a ton of mysteries and areas to uncover.

I’m not a Harry Potter fan but this game is already on my game of the year list with just how amazing it is. Hogwarts is so well detailed, the visuals and little flourishes, it’s really impressive. As a standard alone action adventure/ RPG it’s one of the best games of the last few years.

Too bad there’s so much sourness around it due to J.K herself.

I meant in terms of privacy stuff, but thanks for putting your thoughts down! :sweat_smile:

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