Going to be at home almost 24/7 365

Hello all.

Yesterday my son came home from his surgery, he has a port implanted because it makes chemo easier and he’s going to be receiving treatment until he leaves this planet.

I’ve been basically told I have to leave work so I can care for him and my wife. Money is going to be a nightmare, socialising less will also suck, but family always comes first.

So, for others who stay at home almost 24/7, apart from Xbox, what do you do in your spare time to keep yourself sane?


Sorry to hear that, man. You seem to be doing the right thing for your family.

Home improvement projects, crafts, drawing, yard work. Taking pictures. Reading. Comic books/graphic novels are good. Calvin and Hobbes is my go to.

I took my kids for a walk every day during quarantine. Not sure how feasible that is for you given your situation and with winter approaching. Making some time for the outdoors is important though.

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I’m so sorry to hear that @bluehawk

My wife was undergoing chemo while pregnant with our second child and I spent every moment I could at home looking after her and eventually the baby when she was too ill to.

Like Otter mentioned I found myself reading lots and listening to music, so I could be with them even if they were sleeping or dozing. I had lots of graphic novels to read also. Though my wife was often way to sick to eat I used to cook a lot so that she would have food when she felt up to it and I could pass it around our friends and family when I had too much. I also tried to make a schedule even if not particularly regimented to avoid just sitting and passively browsing online of otherwise just “existing”. This also helped me when it came to sleeping. Aside from that I just tried doing all I could “together”, drawing and painting, playing with modelling clay and trying to make sure everyone felt like a family. Those little bead things you place on a spikey board then iron together is a great way to make pixel art together.

Well done for being there for your family, With love, sincerely, C.

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This is heartbreaking to read :frowning:

I have little to offer in terms of advice, beyond something I feel you already know - cherish every moment you get.

Wishing all the very best to you and your family. :green_heart:


This is heartbreaking my friend. Best advice I can give you is to find time where you can depress, mediate, and clear your mind. I try to take short walks by myself just so my mind can unwind.

I have no words for this.

I would say I can relate because my stepfather had been fighting prostate cancer ever since mid 2018 and passed away August this year, but a son? Jesus, no I can’t imagine.

I wish you all the happiness there still is, make every moment count, make it special, play games with him and most of all try to keep your head up.