God Fall on PC use DirectX 12 ultimate API

The future of DirectX 12 Ultimate APIs are bright when a rival’s console launch exclusives is using your API for PC and later on for the console itself.

They specifically utilise

  1. DXR 1.1 Ray Tracing

  2. VRS

  3. CAS ( adaptive sharpening based on FP16 )

They specifically mentions how VRS help them achieve 4k in there game.

The game on RX 6000 series utilise 12 GB of VRAM.

Also mentions Infinte cache.


Saw that video earlier today and looking forward to playing it when it releases for Xbox Series X in a year from now. Best of all, since there will be expansions for the game, im hoping the Xbox Series X version ends up being a complete edition for the same $70 price that just the base game is selling for on PlayStation 5.

Game itself looks great compared to a few months ago. Will definitely be checking out what reviewers say about the game and youtubers as well.

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Great, would be the perfect dev to ask about if PS5 version has VRS too! :wink:



Weird that he mentions raytracing shadows, but not the reflections they have been showcasing thus far.

But great tech showing tbh, game seems to be pushing some nice tech