Glitchy achievements

anyone else having glitchy achievements on golf with your friends I have unlocked half of them but the ones with get a par or better on certain courses will not pop even though I have got a hole in one on every course online and offline2328547_1

Oddly enough I just did the one for the par or better on a course yesterday, and it unlocked fine for me. Achievements in general can get glitchy like that, sometimes they pop up after some hours or days if there’s sync issues. Happened to me a lot, on Sunday I had a Gems Of War achievement pop up and I have not played that game in months haha.

Sometimes signing out from your console and signing back in will get achievos to pop.

Just for clarification, you got a hole-in-one on each course, but was your final score for the course under par? The achievement is for being under par after completing all 18 holes, not for being under par on at least one hole on each course.

That might have been them adding new DLC to Gems of War that you’ve already reached the requirements for. I know that happened to me when the first DLC for Ryse came out: I was playing Dead Rising and suddenly got an achievement for Ryse, and when I went and looked their were achievements that had just been added for Ryse and one of them, Reach Level X, unlocked immediately because I was already over that level.