Gigantic returns with Gigantic: Rampage Edition (Series X|S PC Crossplay) releases April 9th 2024

Gigantic is back ! I’ve just seen the video on the Xbox channel.

I’m so happy this game is brought back from the grave. It deserved better and now is its chance to win everyone back !

We’re thrilled to unveil Gigantic: Rampage Edition, the definitive release of the beloved MOBA hero shooter, Gigantic, created by Motiga. Developed by Abstraction Games, this premium edition promises both veteran players and newcomers an exhilarating journey into the world of team-based multiplayer gaming.

Set to launch on April 9, 2024, across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms for $19.99, Gigantic: Rampage Edition amplifies the original game’s thrills with dynamic gameplay, a diverse hero roster, and exciting new features. With zero microtransactions, players can unlock all content through gameplay or in-game currency.

What’s in store: Enhanced Gameplay: Dive into thrilling team battles with upgraded maps, new heroes like Roland and Kajir, and a Rush Mode for fast-paced action. Customization: Tailor your hero with unique loadouts, skins, and progression options, making each gameplay experience truly your own. Cross-Platform Play: Join friends across consoles and PC for epic multiplayer matches, breaking down platform barriers. Post-Launch Support: Enjoy free updates, including Ranked Mode and new hero skins, ensuring continuous excitement and engagement.

Even if you didn’t play it before, you should try it. It was the most accessible MOBA out there, with great artstyle, innovative design and charming characters. Give it a try, I beg you !


I didn’t play much of this game, but what I did play I thought was fun if somewhat confusing because I wasn’t used to the characters.

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Yeah, it’s a MOBA, so it takes some time to learn the chracters’ moves. The robot was really easy and fun to start with. Others have their own playstyles.

I didn’t play as much as I wanted to because servers were mostly empty sadly, especially in Europe. But now is the time for it to shine. I’m sure it will do good.

20€/$ is a steal and it will be on PlayStation too with crossplay. Being on the Windows store/Ark platform and Xbox only back in the days kind of killed it to be honest.

I hope the extra people is enough to foster a community for the game, also that the team on the Abstraction is able to keep up with updates at a steady pace.

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Glad to hear this is coming back, but not sure if I’ll buy it this time around.

Hopefully the extreme cadence of releases doesn’t bury it. :sweat_smile:

Tomorrow! :partying_face:

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I can’t wait ! I probably won’t get my account and my skins back, as you have to unlock them now, but I’m just happy it is coming back. I’m curious to see if this game can get its second wind.

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I am curious if it will be a new achievement list :gem: Still a little sad about missing out on those now unobtainable achievements :worried:

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Oh right. Yeah, it’s a whole new game.

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Servers are getting hammered right now. It’s hard to find a game…

And that system where all players have to accept for the game to start is infuriating, as people just do something else while waiting and forget to push A. Ah, the good old days !

I managed to play a few games earlier and it’s still a lot of fun. It’s chaotic, but highly competitive although still very much accessible. I missed this game so much !

Edit : yeah, devs said they are aware of the issues.