Getting GPU for three years for $1.00. How does this work for Australia?

So I have Xbox Live Gold and have about 9 months left on it. If I wanted to do the “buy three years of Xbox Live Gold and up grade to GPU for $1” in Australia, what do I have to do?


Here is the method I used years ago… I see others say it still works.

Buy another 2 years of Gold (cheapest method you like), redeem so you’re close to or at 3 years of gold, then redeem a GPU Trial for $1 or if you already had a trial you can redeem a single month of GPU and it should convert all of your existing time into GPU.

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The $1 trial is locked to the amount of time you have gold for at the time you redeem it?

Yes, its still a 1:1 conversion from Gold to GPU.