Geoff Keighley gives his thoughts on PS5 + XsX

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Keighley said:

*He thinks xbox and Playstation are going different directions

*PS5 focusing on premium AAA cinematic games

*Xbox is focusing on gampass - needs the big great AAA games

*He has seen some great 1st party sony stuff

*Thinks xbox needs to show gameplay of “the worlds most powerful console”

*Thinks xbox is going for quantity over the big AAA 90+ games ( a good analogy is Netflix (xbox/gamepass) vs hollywood(Ps5).) Note: Keighley did not say this Netflix vs Hollywood example its just a analogy I came up with. Keighley compared it to xbox/gamepass being like cable tv.

I disagree that this is Microsoft stratagy, its just that they dont have there big AAA stuff ready yet. Also flight sim 2020 has just come out to steller 90+ reviews, battletoads is very good and wasteland 3 is a summer sleeper hit. Its a bit disheartening that gamers are so fickle, Keighley does have a point that xbox have not shown anything really demonstrating the power of next gen but when you look at the XsX’s line up and the investments ms have made in first party and hardware, I think Keighley is either ignorant on the matter or thinks xbox studious wont deliver or are being pushed to create lower budget games (which has been debunked, its been confirmed by xbox devs that they choose there projects and scale of them)


Uh oh.

Care to elaborate?

I think what he’s saying is fair enough. We know for a certainty that MS has superior hardware this time around. But we haven’t seen gameplay to drive that point home. The acquired MS studios are still far away from showing their work. PS5 also has a lackluster launch but at least they can highlight Demon Souls remake and Miles Morales Spiderman.

In the long run, I do think Series X will have great first party games to highlight but right now that part is lacking.

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Can you explain further rather than a bit of a drive by post ?

Which is hilarious becase XGS put out 2 90+ rated games this year and Sony only one


That maybe true but my problem is that in comparison to what sony has shown its not like they fair much better, however Keighley has seen PS5 exclusives that the public have not seen yet, maybe had he saw more xsx stuff behind closed doors he would not be thinking this way.


How’d the Hollywood vs Netflix battle work out in terms of quality and quantity? >.>

My personal view is that their first party will easily rival Sony’s here in a few yrs when Avowed, Hellblade 2, Halo Infinite, Forza, Fable, The Initiative’s stuff, Everwild, Gears, inXile’s next game, etc come to light. Ppl seem to lack all imagination in this area, unwilling to think what the near future can hold for XGS.

Just with the studios they bought recently we got a GOTY contender from Obsidian last year followed by a sleeper hit in Grounded, FlightSim, Ori and now Wasteland 3. All top tier games right after one another. And this was the stuff these teams were finishing up prior to acquisition in most cases.

Last gen the industry focused on FPS games as if those were all that mattered. This gen ppl focused on TPS like those were all that mattered. And next gen everyone will move onto something else. Maybe RPG’s, and if so MS is sitting pretty. Tastes evolve as new tech offers new ways to engage the content.

If they really do what I think they will in terms fo developing their 1P catalogue, they will have all their bases covered while Sony tries to figure out how to catch up on services. Sony can’t compete in that space. This is always how media content wars are won. Convenience + value proposition gain a gradual foothold until the momentum builds and then when huge releases show up the service explodes in popularity. Happened with YouTube, Netflix, the music industry, film…

Like, how is Sony supposed to catch up in areas like Cloud compute, services hosted and developed in the cloud, and machine learning? All their stuff is hosted on Azure as is! If MS is a strong competitor in terms of first party output in a few yrs, what’s Sony got to lean back on?


Funny that, MSFS just came out hit gamepass day 1 and almost scored higher than TLoU2. Look at Ori, Gears Tactics, Wasteland 3, Minecraft Dungeons, Forza Horizon 4, Gears 5 they’re all good quility games and some scoring really well.

Keighley in my book has always been pro Sony and eh on Xbox, he states that he’s not a hater of Xbox because they revealed the console at his show but he only did that because of how big news it was for him and his show. If you watched the show after the reveal he didn’t even seem excited or happy and went on to say we have even more great things to show.

After the Godfall trailer showed he was more excited for that because it was a PS5 title, he actually showed more excitment over that than the you know Xbox next gen console reveal. It’s so obvious and I do find it funny watching him try to mention something positive about Xbox.

I wonder if MS is trying to do the approach of getting people who don’t like your console that are popular in public light and try use them to hit the audience that wouldn’t even look at Xbox. If you can convice someone like that it could be pretty good to start grinding away at the rust bolted on fans to just look at Xbox.

Games is going to do this they need to show games that can get people to look at Xbox. I think Hellblade 2 and Avowed could be those games that start it.


Sorry. Just don’t see this topic going well. That’s all.

MS can put out different games in many different genrrs but if it’s not 3rd person action movie type game it doesn’t count.
His opinion means nothing and I don’t know why MS keeps letting him host all their shit.


Just a heads up if this thread devolves into bashing other people or console warring the thread will be closed.


I agree, for some reason people seem to think that sony have some mystical ability that enables them to make better games, but at the end of the day its about the talent. If xbox owned naughty dog, they would still make great games and if sony owned playground im sure fozra horizon would be the same.

Why doesn’t Microsoft have a launch title showing off the power of their console, if they always had the intention to make a monster of a console that is the Series X?

I mean they did have one but not anymore

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To be fair console launches have never had the best games, and its not sony have a one, Spiderman:mm is essentially a cross gen game which may have some ssd examples like super fast movement.

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Halo Infinite did not show off the power of the Series X as we saw it, and it’s next gen (ray tracing) features would not be ready by launch.

Yes but that clearly wasn’t the plan

That’s not an excuse. Geoff has a point Microsoft is not bringing the games to support their hardware.


Well i agree but they clearly don’t have anything ready